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Why choose the new MacKeeper

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We are now AppEsteem Certified

Certification ensures that an app is both safe and consumer friendly.

We started our company to help companies claim that they are compliant, and help consumers trust what those apps claim. That’s what we focus on with this certification, both for products like MacKeeper and services like MacKeeper Customer Services.

Dennis Batchelder, the founder of AppEsteem.

Independent expert certification means MacKeeper is:

  • Safe for you and your Mac

  • Made by a responsible company

  • A useful consumer product
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Personal digital privacy like never before

Your personal data should stay private. Use MacKeeper to guard yourself from online identity theft and browse without ads or trackers.

ID Theft Guard StopAd
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When your Mac needs care

Full disk space

Mac runs slow

Files need protection

Full disk space

You took all those vacation pictures. But what if you can’t actually save them? Don’t let that “Disk space is almost full” message get in the way. Clean junk files and useless apps to save gigabytes of disk space for things you really need.

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Mac runs slow

Maximum speed no matter what — that’s what every Mac user expects. So don’t let a slowdown get you down. Clean your Mac’s memory and remove login items to get things running beautifully again.

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Files need protection

Think that file you downloaded is safe? Better be safe than sorry. Reliable virus protection blocks malware, adware, and major security threats from harming your files and personal data.

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You don’t need a new Mac.
You need MacKeeper.

It turns out you can teach an old Mac new tricks. With a suite of simple but powerful cleaning tools, your Mac will feel like it just came out of the box.

Clean up my Mac

Safe Cleanup

It’s like a weight loss program for your Mac. Remove junk files, clean up your local mail attachments, empty the Trash—all in a snap. Goodbye useless files, hello disk space.

Duplicates Finder

Are file copies clogging your hard drive? Find out with MacKeeper. It removes duplicate files scattered all over your Mac, yet keeps original files untouched.

Smart Uninstaller

Dragging an application to the Trash doesn’t completely remove it. MacKeeper software does. It wipes out app leftovers, plus removes useless apps, widgets, and extensions.


Keep your Mac safe online

MacKeeper has your back, standing by to detect and squash viruses before they have a chance to ruin your day. Plus, it removes apps designed to bombard your Mac with annoying pop-ups.

Protect my Mac


Security is important—for you and for your files. Make sure your Mac stays protected with MacKeeper. It blocks malware, viruses, and spyware attacks to protect what matters most—your privacy.

Adware Cleaner

Sick of adware? We baked a powerful adware cleaner into our MacKeeper software. It finds and removes adware infections in a snap, so you won’t have to deal with all those annoying ads.

Track My Mac

Mac lost or stolen? Find it on a map and lock it with your smartphone. Wondering who took your Mac? MacKeeper takes a picture of anyone who enters the wrong password.


Make your Mac snappier—in a snap

Clean memory. Update your apps. Remove login items. There’s so much you can do to optimize your Mac and make it run like a dream. MacKeeper does it all for you.

Run my Mac faster

Memory Cleaner

One click to instantly free up Mac memory space. Two clicks to stop memory-hogging apps and processes. That’s all it takes to help your Mac breathe easier.

Login Items

Macs shouldn’t take forever to start. Reduce your Mac’s startup time. See which apps are set to launch at startup and remove those you don’t want—so simple.

Update Tracker

Don’t miss the latest versions of your favorite apps. See the list of your outdated Mac apps, and update all of them in one click.


Get help from real people

Our support experts live and breathe everything Mac. Get professional assistance, whenever you need it.

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