Frequently asked questions

  • Why use MacKeeper Affiliate Center?

    MacKeeper Affiliate Center is our in-house solution. We prefer to use this system because it provides our affiliates with more promotional materials and better tracking capabilities.

    How it works?

    MacKeeper Affiliate Center is a cookie-based tracking platform. The links we provide contain certain parameters that uniquely identify your website. When a visitor clicks one of these links, MacKeeper Affiliate Center will determine that your website referred this visitor. Since the links we provide are the only way to track purchases from your website, you must use the links exactly as given and make no manual modifications in order to ensure accurate payment credit.

    How can I be sure that MacKeeper affiliate program counts all sales coming from my web site?

    When you are registered, you’ll get an Affiliate ID that is incorporated into your unique affiliate link, generated in the Links section. This guarantees that any traffic from your site is tracked.

    What is the cookie life time?

    Cookie life time is set to 180 days. This means that even if your visitor makes a purchase 180 days after your affiliate cookie was set, you’ll get the credit. We do not overwrite cookies. If a visitor who has your affiliate cookie follows another affiliate’s link and then proceeds to purchase, you will get credit for the sale.

    How can I contact you?

    You can contact our Affiliate Program Management Team using the support form, or via email:

  • What does it cost to join the program?

    It costs nothing. You can join our program for free and start making money.

    How can I get links for banners and landing pages?

    Links for banners and landing pages can be found in the Links section.

    How can I get text ads?

    You can contact our affiliate managers via email: They will help you with setup.

    What link should I use for the sales to be tracked?

    Our links are encrypted. For your sales to be tracked, please use the links or HTML code generated in the Links section in MacKeeper Affiliate Center.

    How can I check my Reports?

    Once registered, you will get access to the admin panel, where you will be able to check your statistics, manage your account and generate links. You will be able to see unique impressions, installs, sales, Uniques/Installs, Installs/Sales and total conversion rates. The stats are being renewed once per 15 minutes. You can group the Stats by one of the parameters in the drop down box - Date, Product, Campaign and Promo, Country or OS.

    What are the Uniques and Raws?

    The Raws metric shows the number of clicks on our banners or links on your website. The Uniques metric shows how many of these clicks came from unique (new) visitors. For example, if your visitor clicks on the same link twice, this will appear as 1 Unique and 2 Raws in your stats. Note: We do not track banner impressions in MacKeeper Affiliate Center, meaning that our stats don’t show how many times the banners were viewed on your website, only how many times they were clicked.

    How to sign up as a reseller?

    To sign up as a reseller, please contact us via the following email address: and we’ll get back to you shortly.

  • What is the commission rate?

    Commission depends on payment model affiliate chose during registration; we have performance-based tiers for our affiliates.

    Do I have an opportunity to increase my commission?

    We have performance-based tiers for our affiliates and can be reconsidered under individual terms.

    What is the value of one sale?

    The average cart value is $75.

  • What restrictions are there?

    Besides of few prohibited abusive ways of advertisement (e.g. unsolicited email spamming), MacKeeper Affiliate Center requires not to advertise the software using misleading and false information. All slogans, banners, descriptions or other promotional materials should comply with actual technical characteristics and features of the products. If you require multiple accounts, please contact our affiliate managers.

    Do you accept incentivized traffic?

    We do not accept incentive traffic.

    I would like to use paid search - what should I do?

    If you would like to run any campaigns related to paid search (PPC) - please contact our affiliate managers to receive guidelines for PPC affiliates. Running multiple accounts is restricted and will lead to blocking of all related accounts.

    What is the affiliate disclosure requirement?

    The affiliates should adhere to the instructions from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding the testimonials and reviews. An individual policy for all reviews and testimonials on products and services provided by MacKeeper, as well as social networks, forums, blogs etc. must be present at the affiliate websites. According to FTC, "a connection between the endorser and the seller of the advertised product", if there any, must be " fully disclosed"

    What domain names should be used for the promotion?

    Affiliates are not allowed to register or use domain names which represent themselves off as a brand name or take any action that is likely to mislead third parties to believe that such a site is the Brand website of MacKeeper. This also includes using MacKeeper brand name "MacKeeper" or product name "MacKeeper" in the promotion of website or use of any misspelling or variation.

  • Affiliates must restrain from "free" wording in their advertisements including text links, banners and landing pages. MacKeeper affiliates are not allowed to use the word "free" ("free download", "free scan" etc.) in the promotion of MacKeeper products. MacKeeper affiliates must not use libelous or unsubstantiated claims against MacKeeper products in their ads including (but not limited to) such words as "scam", "malware" etc. and phrases like "Is MacKeeper a scam?", "Is MacKeeper safe?" etc. Affiliates are not allowed to use any content off MacKeeper sites by any means. All content on MacKeeper sites is exclusive and cannot be re-published by any other (including affiliate) sites.