1st Million Request Handled

1st Million Request Handled

MacKeeper Customer Support Team handled its 1st million request since MacKeeper has appeared on the market of Mac security software. According to the MacKeeper Support Team reports, during the last 5 years in-house experts have processed nearly 230 thousands incoming calls, 410 live chats and 380 emails. And these numbers continue to grow every week, which once again confirms that customer support in software area is an integral and very important part of MacKeeper service.


“An average user always needs support due to complex perception of technical innovation” - says Konstantin Burkovsky, head of customer support department in MacKeeper. “Considering my experience in Customer Support Department, a lot of requests recieved from customers were quite diverse, sometimes even comical situations, for example, when a customer tried to build virtual relationships with you”.


The customer support tool is one of the priorities that was selected by MacKeeper in 2015 as the service called “Human Inside”.


The brand new MacKeeper 3.x was first introduced at CES 2015 as the first software in the MacKeeper lineup that came equipped with the “Human Inside” technology, a customer assistance component integrated directly into the software. With it, users no longer need to look for customer support phone numbers or emails. With just one click from within the interface their SOS signals will be heard and promptly dealt with. MacKeeper was featured internationally in 18 languages in more than 75 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.


You can download the latest version of MacKeeper!

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