High-Tech Pranks to Scare Your Friends to Death This Halloween

What about taking your scary Halloween pranks a step further? It's time to get your gadgets involved. When used creatively, laptops, phones, and smart home devices can become your best partners in Halloween crime.


Here’s how to kick off those Halloween tricks the digital way.


Before we start


Seems like you have lots of stuff to be done this Halloween. But please keep in mind that real scammers get more active every holiday as everyone is more focused on celebration than about their digital security. Just protect your Mac beforehand to avoid potential hazards.


Install MacKeeper and have at least one less thing to worry about everyday. It will protect your Mac from most types of malware and viruses so you can relax and enjoy your holiday!

Use Tracking Apps to “Haunt” a Family Member

Although we believe that privacy (including online privacy) is the fundamental human right, Halloween is a time of the year when some privacy rules can be broken. Could there be a better excuse than Halloween spirit?


Here's what you need to do:

  • "Kidnap" your family member's phone for a few minutes, and install a GPS-tracking app such as FollowMee or FamiSafe.
  • On a Halloween day, keep a track of your victim's locations and send them anonymous spooky messages so they know someone is spying on them — we suggest keeping things light and a little silly.
  • Tell your victim that the Halloween Big Brother has been watching them all day long and tell them to stay on their best behavior — or appease you with candy!

Important: This prank is going to work best with family members or your special someone because you'll need to be able to unlock a victim's phone to install the app.

Terrify Your Colleagues by Setting up a Horrifying Alarm

Don't underrate this Halloween prank just because it is so easy to execute. In most cases, the combination of surprise and creepy sounds is enough to make people jump out of their skins.


Here's the detailed instruction of what to do:

  • Download some terrifying sounds to your iPhone or Mac. On Apple Music, there's an entire playlist called Ultimate Horror Sounds. There's a whole lot of cool sounds there, but we suggest this or this one.
  • Go to Alarm and set the downloaded track as your alarm sound.
  • Set this alarm to repeat every 30-40 minutes (for optimal effect rotate your location.)
  • Keep working and pretend nothing is about to happen.
  • Enjoy seeing your colleagues scared to death (try not to have a heart attack yourself).

Important: To make the most out of this Halloween prank, schedule your spooky alarm for quieter times of the day. It won't have the same effect if the horror-like laugh interrupts a loud discussion or brainstorm.  

Turn Your Drone into a Ghost to Scare the Entire Neighborhood

Never before has imitating ghosts been as easy as it is now. If you own a drone (or have enough halloweeny-pranky motivation to rent or borrow one), you can scare your entire neighborhood.


Here's how to make a horrifying drone-powered ghost:

  • Take a drone.
  • Decorate it in the sheet-over-your-head ghost style.
  • If possible, add some lighting to make your ghost easier to spot in the dark.
  • Fly it around the neighborhood to scare random pedestrians (or pick a victim you know well and “haunt” this person).

Important: If you're a newbie to remote flying, make sure to have some practice beforehand. Otherwise, your supposed-to-be-scary ghost might quickly turn into a help-me-out-of-this-tree ghost.

Program Alexa/Siri to Make an Unexpected Paranormal Noise

With smart home devices, you can easily take your Halloween pranks to a professional level. All you need is to invite guests for a dinner and, before they arrive, ask your smart speaker to do any of these:

  • Start spooky scream in 30 minutes.
  • Say something bloodcurdling in an hour (If you have Alexa, activate the newly-released whisper mode to make the prank even more spooky).

Important: Make sure to indicate that you need Siri/Alexa to start its bloodcurdling whisper or spooky scream at some time later, not immediately. 

Terrify Your Friends with a Jump-scare Prank App

You most certainly know how jump-scare pranks work. There are many of them but they all are so cool because they take people by surprise.


Of course, you can organize these pranks the old-school way. However, if you're serious about keeping your pranks high-tech this year, you can install some jump-scare prank apps on your phone and let gadgets do the dirty work for you.


Here's what you need to do:

  • Install Scary Prank App.
  • Tell your friend you've got a cool math game you have a hard time solving and ask for help.
  • Before passing your phone to a friend, turn the volume up.
  • In a few minutes, the "game" will be interrupted in the most horrifying (and totally unexpected) way.

Important: Scared to death, a victim might unintentionally drop your phone on the floor. Consider putting a silicon case on it to prevent financial loss.  

The Final Word on Tech Halloween Pranks

If used creatively, gadgets hold the potential to take Halloween celebration to the entirely new level — especially if you're tech-savvy and meticulous enough to make your tech pranks run seamlessly.


Keep in mind that Halloween pranks are as terrifying as they are believable. That's why thorough preparation and some acting on your part are the key to a cool Halloween prank.


Good luck with terrifying your nearest and dearest. May the force of scary Halloween pranks be with you!


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