Humans of MacKeeper: Hummer, Copywriter

Humans of MacKeeper: Hummer, Copywriter

Humans of MacKeeper is a series of interviews with our team. We talked to engineers, designers, product managers, analysts, marketers, and many others to take you backstage at MacKeeper. We believe that people are the heart of any business, and we want you to meet the heart of ours. Welcome behind-the-scenes!


Nickname: Hummer

Position: Copywriter

Random fact: Hummer doesn’t like boring stuff, so instead of reading “inspirational” daily quotes, he bought himself an “unspirational” calendar. He also willingly shares daily doses of sarcasm with his colleagues.


Let’s travel back to your first day at work. What was it like?


Before joining our main office, I worked in a regional one. I visited the main office twice though, for a kind of tour. We saw all these beautiful sights: a Google-like office with its café-style rooms and jaw-dropping workplaces. I thought something like: “I know it’ll take hard work, but I have to get here.” 


I managed it, and the entire first week felt like a parallel universe. On the first day I saw a bunch of merch lying on my table — I’m just a huge merch fan — there was a T-shirt, some other stuff, and a Mac. I literally spent that entire day learning to use my Mac from scratch, it was a lot of fun. I worked in the Digital Marketing team at that time and there was a tradition for newcomers, where the team got together to have pizza in the coffee-area. That was on the second or the third day. It was a really cool and friendly atmosphere.


Your nickname is Hummer. What does it mean for you?


It was a long time ago. At the beginning, I had another nickname — Hammer — as a tool, and now I’m Hummer, as a car. But later, when I moved here, I had to change it because the rules didn’t allow having the same nickname. To be honest, there is no hidden meaning behind my nickname.


Let’s talk business. What team you are a part of? What role does your team play for MacKeeper?


As for my role for MacKeeper, let it sound bold — I am a voice of MacKeeper. That’s because I process all MacKeeper communication. At least, that’s what I’ve done in the last year that I’ve been here. I work with all external and internal communication, such as websites and landing pages, emails, texts in the app itself and plug-ins, MacKeeper notifications, as well as all the promo emails and promo notifications that can engage our customers. 


We launch campaigns, I write texts, and the designers put them into the right visuals. It’s not as easy as it seems as we write text that should be displayed. That’s why it is important to create an appropriate design and illustrations for it. We should be aware of when to show the text so that it’s useful. It all looks different with a visual. 


A good copy should be something that speaks to the customer and if they are interested, they then click “next.” In other words, if we write text, we strive to make it exciting and worthy so that the audience keep reading and learn more.


Describe your typical day at work.


There are two possible types of day. The first one is a normal, calm day when no tasks are hanging over me and I can dedicate the day to something useful. For instance, I read our competitors’ posts, learn some new copywriting techniques, and gain new skills. The second possible type of day is like hell — I come to the office and find a million unread messages, break my back to make it to dozens of meetings, write here and there and rush to and fro. 


Sometimes, I have to put everything aside and get to that super-urgent task. I might have one “free” day a month. The rest of the days are just typical busy ones — from dawn till dusk.


What are your most and least favorite tasks?


Among all the types of content we write, I enjoy writing emails most of all. I like to write text from scratch. That way I can fully express my ideas and say what I want to say — it’s creative work and it’s always exciting. There are many tasks on proofreading and rewriting, that can be exciting as well, but in most cases it’s a routine. When I write emails, I calm my spirits. For instance, I offer many different concepts, then the email marketer chooses the ones to their taste. After that, we carry out the ideas. 


Besides that, it’s also cool to write text for both a website and landing page. We have a lot of limits, like compliance. The less limits I have, the easier it is to write. Those creative tasks are not as frequent and so are even more desirable. It’s like a breath of fresh air.


How did you choose your profession? Why are you doing what you are doing now? 


Before this, I worked in sales for three years. First, I processed chats, then I evaluated the chats as a quality assurance representative. Periodically, we received emails about the new vacancies in the main office. In general, it was something like Receptionist, Electrician or some other uninspiring stuff. And one day there was a Copywriter position. 


When I saw the Copywriter vacancy, my teammate told me, “Hummer, it’s your cup of tea, go ahead and apply.” I didn’t nurture much hope, but applied to see how far that would go. To tell the truth, I spent a lot of time writing the motivation letter, I was excited to give it a try. Then, the motivation letter got approved.


I got the test task, spent the entire week completing it so the text ended up being over-proofread and over-polished. I sent it and got a reply that everything is fine and I leveled up for further interviewing. My colleagues cheered for me — that was pretty nice support. Then, there was a series of interviews. When I passed them all, I could not believe that was real. I still cannot believe I’m here. 


Name a few character traits or skills that are necessary for your job.


The first point is attention to detail. The second point is the ability to articulate one’s thoughts and ideals properly, to talk to a customer like a friend. The third point, I guess, is boldness to do something new and not be afraid of it. You never know what will do the trick.


If you could choose any superpower to help you with your job, what would it be?


Actually, I don’t know how it could help in my job, but I would like to be a time-traveller. It’s really breathtaking to think about how the “present me” would feel and act in, say, 2012 with other circumstances and other possibilities. Or even in 2008, and so on. That’s inspired me since I was a child. Let’s hope humanity will become smart enough to make this happen. 


Artificial intelligence is advancing and I believe we would be able to travel at least for a day back and forth. For me, it’s not interesting to jump into the future to learn how it all ends up. That’s like watching a film that somebody has spoiled. Time travelling should be a short tour, and then you come back to your usual life.


Describe your job in three words.


It’s incredibly interesting. The fact is, this work inspires me as well as the team members I work with. That’s not just big talk like “I love you all, you’re so cool.” To be honest, I’m happy to have a chance to work with  real experts in their fields, from SEO and PR to design and product marketing. In other words, there’s inspiration, professionalism and, I’d say, creative spirit.


Is there something about your job you feel proud of?


The biggest honor is when our customers mention in their reviews that they liked our copy.  


On days when you lack motivation for work, what helps you to pull yourself up and do it?


Clearing my head or changing the activity helps a lot. It’s the best way to get ready to work. Sometimes I have writer's block, then I just go out and turn my brain back to work. That’s the perfect option. Or, I can just go and see our parrots — we’ve got things to do in the office as well. 


What is your personal anti-stress recipe? How do you recharge after a busy week at work?


The best recipe is to just go out with friends, like when I need some additional inspiration. Changing activities is perfect, only going on a journey is better than this. Having a city break, not necessarily going overseas, voyaging in Ukraine is also good. Sometimes I come back from a trip to be another person because those two days were way more intense and rich in events than the entire last month.


If you could swap places with any employee in a company for one month, who would this be? Why?


It would be a designer. I was always interested in design, but I can’t draw. Unfortunately, mastering that skill is too hard for me — I would have liked to master Photoshop and other specific programs.


I like logo design, when a big story hides behind a small icon and even the color matters. I like reading the rebranding stories of various companies, and what their concepts mean. Embodying it all in a drawing is so exciting. If I were given all the skills, I’d like to have a try.


Describe your dream job.


To tell the truth, I would accept no company’s offer now, I’m not ready to leave this place. The work for me is not about the compensation. It’s more about the self-fulfillment. It’s about feeling a constant improvement of my expertise. The time when I can look for something new has not yet come. 


Now imagine you’ve got the job offer of your dreams. It’s too good to reject, so you’re leaving. 


What piece of advice would you give the company and your team before you head out?


If we were talking about the last speech, I would just remind everybody of what helped me a lot. Just two things — first, do not be afraid of something new, and second, be able to admit your mistakes. 


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