Humans of MacKeeper: Support Account Manager, Wayner

Humans of MacKeeper: Support Account Manager, Wayner

Nickname: Wayner

Position: Support Account Manager 

Random fact: MacKeeper was his very first job (and the only job he's had so far).

Let's travel back in time to your first day in the company. What was it like?  

It was more than 5 years ago, in 2013. I had just graduated from the university and was looking for a job. One of my friends mentioned that someone he knew was opening a regional office in our town. I decided to give it a try, sent my CV, and a few days later they called.

I interviewed and was offered a job. At first, I wasn't sure I could meet all the expectations — it was my first job. However, after just three days, I brought my own mug to the office. I knew it was the right place for me.

A few years later, I was offered a Team Lead role in the head office. And I remember my first day here. Everything looked so different, more global. People were more serious and concentrated.

I also remember seeing the MacKeeper robot figurine standing at reception. It's the first thing you see when you enter the building. Guys from the head office said that when the lights on the robot are turned on, it means that our CEO is currently in the office — he was the one to turn it on and off. Over time, this tradition transformed. Now turning the lights on is up to the first person who comes to work in the morning.

Why did you choose to work at MacKeeper? Why did you accept the offer?  

I did some research before the interview. The company looked serious and MacKeeper had already received impressive support from investors.

However, it wasn't the key factor for me. What I noticed during the interview was.

My future manager told me about the company's values and vision of the future, about the goals and ambitions the company had. My interview didn't feel like an interview at all. It was more like a friendly conversation with a partner who treats you as an equal and with respect.

Plus, I met my future colleagues that day. All of them were smart, interesting people. So my logic was: "OK. Today I met a lot of people, three of them were nice, and all three were from this office." For me, it was a solid reason to work here.

Your nickname is Wayner. What does it mean for you?

It is an old story. It traces back to the times when I was a kid, PC monitors were not so thin, and the internet had not yet become the commodity we all are used to. When my parents finally agreed to set up an internet connection at home, I started to explore the online world.

I am a football fan, so I started to visit forums and other sport-related websites. Most of them required registration, so it was time to register my first email. For some reason, I was afraid to use my real name, so I needed a nickname.  

Like any football fan, I had my favorite player — Wayne Rooney. I decided to use his name for my email but, of course, it was occupied. I looked through the list of "suggested alternatives" and there was "wayner" at the very bottom of the list. I picked it for my email. I couldn’t have imagined that this nickname would stay with me for so long.

Let's talk business. What team you are a part of? What role does your team play for MacKeeper?

I'm a part of the Account Management team. My job is to ensure that MacKeeper provides our clients with the highest level of support 24/7.

If something changes in our internal customer management systems, I make sure they know how to use the new version.

If a new feature is released, we write a detailed guide explaining all the ins and outs of it, so our support agents know how to help our users with it.

When support agents report a unique case that our users have faced, our job is to talk to developers, find out why that particular case happened in the first place, and decide what we can do to prevent it from happening again.  

Describe your typical day at work.

I wake up and run out of my apartment. I'm that type of person who prefers an extra 15 minutes of sleep to 15 minutes of getting ready for work without stress.

I come to the office before 11AM, just in time for our team stand-up meeting. On these meetings, we talk about what happened the day before and discuss our tasks for the day.

Then I check my email and look through requests from support agents. When the support team notices some bug, they report it to me. I decide who should take care of fixing it.

To a great extent, my day depends on the type of requests I receive. When there's an urgent request, the first thing I do is run around the office to find the person who can fix it and make sure it is fixed ASAP.

The rest of the day is for the tasks related to my quarterly goals. Sometimes I have cross-team meetings where we discuss important updates, changes, and long-term goals.

What is the most and least favorite part of your job?  

My favorite part is when, after fixing a bug or addressing some pain of our users, we receive positive feedback. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when reading a gratitude letter from a user.

It is just as cool to improve processes within our company. I used to be a support agent, so I know how stressful and hard their work is. That's why when we implement some improvement that makes the lives of support agents easier, it makes me happy.

As for the least favorite part, it's not about my job but rather about the industry. In tech, everything changes quickly. Today, things work this way, and tomorrow they’ll work the other way around. In such a world, you need to work for tomorrow, not today. Otherwise, your time and money will be wasted. I like the atmosphere of changes, but it can be exhausting at times.

Name three character traits or skills that are necessary for your job

Strong social skills. Sending emails or chatting works too, but you can solve a problem much faster when you stand up, leave your desk, and go talk to a person in real life.

Positive thinking. I don't remember a single day without the need to fix or improve something. Something happens every day and staying positive helps. You need to see an opportunity where others see a problem.  

Ability to speak up. It is hard to fix a problem or pitch an idea if you're afraid to raise your voice.

If you could choose any superpower to help you with your job, what would it be?  

I'd choose mind-reading. I'd be able to collect insights from both our users and support agents. I would know about the pains and needs they have but are not ready to talk about.

Describe your job in 3 words.

Team spirit. Changes. Testing.

Is there something about your job that you're proud of?  

I started to feel proud the moment I brought my mug to the office. When you see so many people working as a big team, supporting each other and sharing a common vision of the future, there's nothing else to ask for. We've got a very comfortable office but, seriously, with such a team, I could work from anywhere — even if it's some time-worn warehouse.

On days when you lack motivation for work, what helps you to pull yourself up and do it?

I listen to music. Two or three songs are usually enough to get rid of negative mood. Then I open my email again and understand that things are not that bad. So, time and music heals. I calm down and switch from a lazy mode to a productive one.

What is your personal anti-stress recipe? How do you recharge after a busy week at work?

I watch football. Sometimes on a stadium and sometimes on TV. Lately, though, the team I cheer for has been playing so badly that it no longer works as an anti-stress recipe. Now it takes me 2 hours to calm down after watching the game that was supposed to calm me down.

If you could swap places with any employee in a company for one month, who would this be? Why?  

I would choose a copywriter. It would be interesting for me to come up with phrases, slogans, names of features, etc. Some people think it is a simple job, but I know it's not. It's not so easy to write phrases that are simple, catchy, straight-to-the-point and — at the same time — fit into the design and pass all compliance requirements. I'd like to try this and see if any of my copy would be accepted.

Describe your perfect job.

There are two things I am really keen on: football and IT. I don't think I could be a football trainer, and I don't want to be a developer (I tried but didn't like it).

So I need to combine my interests, football and tech, and translate them into a dream job. It looks like my dream company is EA Sports (they develop FIFA, one of the most popular football video games series).

Now imagine you've got a job offer of your dreams. It's too good to reject, so you're leaving. What piece of advice would you give the company and your team before you head out?

I would ask people to believe in themselves, to keep learning, and to never lose our unique team spirit. Without it, we'd never have grown into such a great company.

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