MacKeeper™ Provides Peace of Mind for Summer Travel with Data Protection Tips

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22 / 05 / 2015

MacKeeper™ Provides Peace of Mind for Summer Travel with Data Protection Tips

Leading All-in-One Service for Mac Users Offers Multiple Security Features, Including Anti-Theft

Summer is the busiest travel season of the year, when millions of people search the globe for rest and relaxation. Nowadays, however, getting away doesn’t mean disconnecting. In fact, travelers are bringing smartphones, tablets and laptops to their final destinations more than ever—loaded with personal information and files. Having a laptop, tablet or cell phone stolen can be a nightmare for any traveler who has the potential to lose personal pictures, business documents, or even private banking and tax information. As such, MacKeeper, maker of an all-in-one software solution to keep Macs clean, secure and performing optimally, is sharing eye-opening statistics and solutions to stay digitally safe this summer.

As the number of people traveling increases worldwide, so does the number of lost and stolen devices. According to the 2014 American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, an estimated 75 percent of consumers are planning a summer getaway this year versus 69 percent in 2013. Of those surveyed, 81 percent intend to travel within the U.S., 38 percent outside the U.S, and 31 percent both within and outside the U.S. In addition, an estimated 40 percent of people do not regularly backup their files. This combination creates a “perfect storm” for travelers to lose all of their data if a computer is misplaced or stolen.

As an expert in Mac security and anti-theft, MacKeeper has issued the following best practices to stay protected against a lost or stolen computer while traveling:

#1. Back up files. The cost of losing a device can be calculated in numbers, but the loss of personal data can be devastating for some users when they lose irreplaceable files. Back up your data to an external hard drive or a cloud-based storage solution. This gives you the option to restore your data in the unfortunate event that your files are lost.

#2. Install anti-theft software! This is a must-have application for any traveler because of the ability to quickly find a lost or stolen laptop. It can also provide valuable information that can be used by law enforcement to have your property returned.

#3. Be smart and keep your device close at all times. In the rush of travel, it is easy to get distracted and let down your guard. Be sure your tablet or computer is always carried in an enclosed bag, purse or backpack.

#4. Encrypt your data. Remove sensitive data before you travel if you are worried about the possibility of losing your computer, phone or tablet.