Top-5 Most Outrageous Cyber Attacks in History

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26 / 06 / 2015

Top-5 Most Outrageous Cyber Attacks in History

While security services are haunting hackers we have decided to publish the list of the biggest cyber attacks in history.

Cybercrime is a fast-growing area of crime. There are so many facets in cyberspace that are explored every minute: from botnets, malware and network intrusion to financial crimes and corruption, such as online fraud, penetration of online financial services and phishing.

While security services are haunting hackers we have decided to publish the list of the biggest cyber attacks in history.


In 2012 Evgeniy Bogachev under the nicknames “lucky12345” and “slavik” was involved in different schemes using malicious software known as “Zeus” on victims’ computers. The software was used to capture bank account numbers, passwords, personal identification numbers, and other information necessary to log into online banking accounts. The US government is offering a reward of up to $3 million for information leading to the arrest of Evgeniy Bogachev.


In 2010 Google China was hit by cyber attack aimed at accessing the accounts of Chinese human rights activists. Hackers had gained access to several Google’s corporate servers and intellectual property was stolen. In March 2010, Google relocated its servers for google.cn to Hong Kong in order to escape China’s Internet filtering policy.


Another damage in cyberspace was caused by 15-year old Michael Calce a.k.a. MafiaBoy. In 2000, Calce, now 25, was just a Canadian high school student when decided to unleash a DDoS attack on a number of high-profile commercial websites including Amazon, CNN, eBay and Yahoo! An industry expert estimated the attacks resulted in a $US 1.2 billion dollar damage bill.


In far 1999 American evil genius Jonathan James managed to break into computers of a US Department of Defense and installed a ‘backdoor’ on its servers. Using the stolen emails, usernames and passwords, he was able to steal a piece of NASA software which cost the space exploration agency $41,000 as systems were shut down for three weeks. Eventually James was detained but due to his 15 year age he received a light sentence.


And once again teenager's cyber attack. In 2009 teen named Gonzales, a hacker from Miami, was responsible for one of the biggest fraud case in US history. Gonzales was responsible for sealing tens of millions of credit card and debit card numbers from over 250 financial institutions. He had hacked the payment card network from companies including the 7-Eleven convenient store chain.

And this is just top of the iceberg. Less notorious cyber attacks are perpetrated every minute in every corner of the world. According to Interpol more and more criminals are exploiting the speed, convenience and anonymity of the Internet to commit a diverse range of criminal activities that know no borders, either physical or virtual.

Despite such trends there are basic rules that can minimise the danger of being hacked.  Learn how not to succumb to cyber attack using our tips.

Source: ARN, FBI