Myth and Facts About AV Software

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29 / 05 / 2015

Myth and Facts About AV Software

How to know what is myth and what is reality about AV software? Reputable editions and labs made thousands of tests and spent years for understanding antivirus test results.

Let's compare information from the Net.

Myth #1. AV software can detect only viruses from AV virus database

In the very early days of anti virus technology this was certainly the truth. Today most AV products use a combination of detecting technologies, primarily heuristics. There is a general trend towards the increased use of heuristics, due to its capability for early detection and speed. But anyway, keep your AV software up to date to avoid obsolete virus detection bases.

Myth #2. Viruses are written by AV companies

Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? Companies design viruses and then design security software against the same viruses. There may be a grain of truth here - some AV companies create viruses to test the limits of existing protection platforms. But actually the latest malware is created by cyber attackers in a never-ending attempt to steal sensitive data and money from users. So, better trust the AV software.

Myth #3. Installing AV software will secure you against all possible threats

This is the biggest misconception of all users. If you bought AV software it doesn't mean that you have nothing to worry about. First of all virus database renovation is a cyclic never-ending process, so keep your AV software always up-to-date. Besides, AV software can only warn you about possible social engineering attacks, such as phishing attacks that can steal your personal and financial data. In this case you need an Internet browser security program. You can read in a related article about how to avoid being phished. !!!! put the link

Myth #4. Macs don’t need AV software

If you think so, you are the victim number one for viruses and phishers. The reality is that for a long time Windows systems were the dominant systems on the market, and all possible viruses and malware were designed for it. But as Apple has become popular both in private and public sectors, the attackers have aimed at those products as well. One more reason is that Macs are expensive, so their owners tend to be wealthier than average PC users, and they look like an attractive target. 

Myth #5. All files that are flagged and blocked by AV software are malware

Even AV software may sometimes mistakenly block files without viruses. What is the problem? As a rule, this is a type of non-malware files that may also trigger ‘pseudo-malware', which could contain garbage files and ‘intended malware'.