MacKeeper™ Holds its First Drone Hackathon Among Students

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14 / 07 / 2015

MacKeeper™ Holds its First Drone Hackathon Among Students

They had 24 hours to tame the drone. So who won?

This weekend MacKeeper had a major event - the first 24-hour drone hackathon among students who were eager to try their hacker skills and to program a drone on a particular action.

The young coders were put in equal conditions - 24 hours to program the drone and to impress our jury with fresh ideas and presentations. Though we did not leave our participants alone, each our mentor specializing on a particular programming language could help with a piece of good advice.

Our teams were grouped  according to the coding language and age factor.  

We had even a team of two 12-14 year-old students who exceeded all our expectations and created ready-to use idea with excellent presentation.

After 24 hours of continuous work our students were ready to present their results. At the beginning of the hackathon we heard plenty of ambitious ideas but not all of them were realistic to implement within 24 hours. Some of the students experienced troubles, some showed imposing presentations.  But our initial goal was not only to see the finished product but also to see how students work in a team, divide roles and to show them the workflow in our company.  

Eventually we could not pick out just 1 winner. Among 9 teams we have chosen 3 finalists and granted them with techy prizes. Most of all we were deeply impressed by our youngest coders that made a long distance to get to our office and participate in the hackathon.

After successful hackathon we are planning to make them as regular events within our educational initiative to encourage students to think out of the box and to foster practical knowledge.