Malwarebytes report statement

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06 / 08 / 2015

Malwarebytes report statement

On Monday, Aug 3rd, security researchers from Malwarebytes claimed to have discovered a new vulnerability in the Mac OS X that allows any malware to install files in the system without user’s permission.

The researchers also reported that apart from various Mac malware packages, the attackers installed MacKeeper. We would like to formally conclude that MacKeeper is not involved in any kind of malware delivery and we are open and transparent in our promotion methods. 

We provide cleaning, security, and optimization tools to millions of users around the world. Our product is localized in 19 different languages and we have over 20 million downloads in the last 5 years. In 2014 MacKeeper changed the business focus from a software to a live human support service offering remote technical support. We find it unfortunate and offensive that despite all of our efforts, awards, partnerships and achievements that anyone would call our service/ software "Junkware". 

It is no secret that we are one of the largest buyers of advertising traffic targeting the Mac OS with millions of global ad impressions per month. As part of our marketing and sales outreach we sometimes partner with other well known networks and brands. This includes pay per install or bundled installs. We do our best to know where and how our product will be delivered to the end user. Many of the networks will not disclose their business models for obvious reasons and we are always monitoring how our product is delivered or advertised. There are many good affiliates and partners out there and as the old saying goes "one bad apple can ruin the entire bunch". When we identify those partners or affiliates who use unethical advertisements or delivery methods, we suspend those accounts and end those relationships. 

We have taken every step possible to ensure that our ads and delivery methods are not misleading or confusing about what MacKeeper is or what it does. We have even launched a Anti Scare Ads Initiative to catch affiliates who have found ways to cloak or re-direct from unapproved landing pages. We have a formal communication process where users can report ads to our compliance department and we can review them and take action. We suspend affiliate accounts and do not benefit in anyway when they use scare ads or misleading ads to earn a commission. You can find more about our Anti Scare Ads Initiative here: https://mackeeper.com/blog/post/126