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28 / 09 / 2015

Welcome To MacKeeper 3.x Manual

Are you sure that you make good use of MacKeeper? If you ever faced issues such as how to uninstall MacKeeper, how to activate MacKeeper license, or if you don't know how to use the 16 MacKeeper tools in the best way, find all answers right here.

MacKeeper manual was designed for users who may have experienced troubles with license activation, Kromtech account setup, or who just want to know more about MacKeeper tools.

MacKeeper Tutorials

First of all, if you ever wondered what is Languages Cutter or Logs Cleaner, you need to watch new tutorials for all 16 MacKeeper tools. You may find these tutorials in our gallery. Otherwise, find the detailed description of each tool here. Who knows, maybe you will add several features to your favorites list.

How To Uninstall MacKeeper

If you decided to uninstall MacKeeper, we are really sorry about that, though it can be done in several clicks. See the video tutorial in our gallery or find the steps on our user guide page.

User Interface

MacKeeper has a user-friendly interface that resembles the interface of Apple products and is divided into three parts — Navigation Bar, Work Area, and Live Support Bar. If you need any help, see our user guide.

Visit our manual and make the most of your MacKeeper experience.