Why Do You Need Encryption?

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28 / 09 / 2015

Why Do You Need Encryption?

A lot of security features on your Mac may seem to be to difficult to use or unneeded. But in fact most Mac owners don’t know how to use their Macs. The same story is with encryption

What is encryption? In a nutshell, it is translation of  data into a secret code, which helps to hide your important files in case of theft. According to the OPSWAT antimalware and encryption report, about 31% Mac devices are encrypted, and this number is pretty large in comparison with usage of encryption on PC devices.

When encryption really helps?

When your Mac is stolen

Encryption will help you to hide sensitive data and important files. Of course, in most cases the thief doesn’t care about your photo gallery and work. Probably, your hard drive will be wiped within a few hours. But it’s better to encrypt important files in order to prevent security issues such as leakage of important financial information .

When sending sensitive data

We ask you all the time not to send sensitive data via email or social networks. But sometimes email can be the only way for communication, so all outcoming data should be secured and encrypted.

When storing business information on your laptop

If you use your laptop not only at work, all your personal data needs to be encrypted. You will never know what could happen to your laptop. You may find it stolen from your car, you can connect to fraud wi-fi, and so on.

How to use Data Encryptor from MacKeeper?

MacKeeper offers password encryption of data directly from the app. Before you start using Data Encryptor, you will be asked to create a password. Better create a strong and unique password, which is different from your login on the Mac OS X. Just click the “+” button to add any file to the encryption list. At the same time you can hide the encrypted files, and they will be visible only in Data Encryptor. Here you can preview the encrypted files and open them directly from the app.

Data Encryptor is one of important security features for your Mac, such as antivirus protection and anti-theft tools. There is no guarantee that your sensitive data will not be read or stolen from your device. Besides, there are no absolutely secure systems as for today, and even the IT giants get leakage of sensitive information. Therefore, the only way to feel more protected is to use security tools.