How to Detect and Remove Malware on Your Mac

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30 / 09 / 2015

How to Detect and Remove Malware on Your Mac

The core difference between viruses and malware is that malware will be installed on your Mac only if you allow its nstallation. How can it happen?

What is malware?

There are a lot of tricky ways to fool you and install malicious software on your Mac, and in most cases malware is impersonating well-known brands. It means you can install malware being sure that you are installing, for example, Skype.

How to prevent installing malware on Mac?

The most popular ways to install malware are emails, pop-up ads and tech support scams. The main difficulty to detect malware is that, besides malware, a lot of legitimate software use pop-up schemes to sell their apps. Anyway, do not click the pop-up ads and do not open emails from unknown senders. If you’ve already downloaded a potentially dangerous file or got an alert that malware, virus or any other scary files were detected at your Mac, follow these steps to remain safe:

  1. Close Safari and all opened windows. If you cannot do it,try the following combination: Command-Tab-Q (to force quit).

  2. Open the downloads, drag all unknown and suspicious files to the Trash, and then empty the Trash.

How to detect and remove malware on your Mac (for free)?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to do it manually for an average user; you should to download the third-party apps. According to the OPSWAT anti-malware report, viruses are not anymore the target for software vendors. Since then, malware has evolved, and other threats are now wreaking havoc on users’ devices. Let’s have a look at the OPSWAT gold certified app MacKeeper. This app includes antivirus, safe browsing, and uses the Avira virus database. In addition to the antivirus feature, MacKeeper cleans the leftovers which you could not remove manually. This feature is really helpful, because in most cases, when you remove a malicious app by dragging it to the Trash, the leftovers will remain in the system.

How to remove the installed malware manually?

The most popular and known Mac malware calls itself MacDefender, Mac Security, MacProtector, etc. If you downloaded any of these applications, just follow these steps:

  1. Close the app if you opened it.

  2. Launch Disk Utility (Command-Shift-U), and then click Activity Monitor > All Processes.

  3. Look for one of the abovementioned apps and click the quit button.

  4. Open the Applications folder and detect one of the abovementioned apps.

  5. Drag the app to the Trash and empty the Trash.

One more important way to keep the malware out of your Mac is to keep your apps up to date. Try to update your apps via iTunes, MacKeeper, or in any other trusted way. This will eliminate the need for looking for apps on the Internet.

And you can use MacKeeper Security features to protect your Mac from phishing scams, malware, spyware, adware, and viruses