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14 / 10 / 2015

MacKeeper™ on Talk Business 360 TV Show

September 26, 2015, MacKeeper™ anti-theft story of Brazilian social worker, Claudio Oliver, aired on Talk Business 360 TV Show.

In the video interview Claudio Oliver tells the amazing story about recovering his laptop after the robbery. Our goal is to communicate the message that it's really possible to recover the stolen laptop with the anti-theft tool and just a little effort. We usually receive a lot of letters from the users who give the police information that is generated by the MacKeeper™’s anti-theft, successfully recover their Macs, and even bring the criminals to justice. Though it's not always possible to announce such cases to a wider community.

This case is just one of the many, but it clearly demonstrates that anti-theft apps can be quite helpful for the police, especially when the report contains the photo of the thief. “My first action was to access my account on MacKeeper™ and communicate that my computer had been stolen. The next day I started accessing my email every half an hour. Suddenly I received the picture of the criminal and then I went to the police. After 30-40 minutes I had all my computers, cameras and all my staff back,” says Claudio Oliver.

Of course, everything is within your power, but having anti-theft certainly multiplies the chances to get back the stolen property. 
To watch the full interview, follow this link: http://talkbusiness360.com/kromtech-alliance-corp/