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23 / 10 / 2015

MacKeeper™ Video Reviews Now Live

MacKeeper™ is starting a series of customer video reviews generated by the Shopper Approved™ service.

MacKeeper keeps collecting customer reviews via the Shopper Approved™ service, and now we are proud to introduce our Customer Video Reviews, which are available on our Youtube Channel.

Shopper Approved™ collects product reviews from customers via an email survey, after they have received their physical products. All reviews that go through the customer satisfaction survey are verified and managed by the Trust Guard.

All our customers are welcome to share their visual comments and opinions about MacKeeper™. Watch the latest video reviews from MacKeeper™ customers in our gallery or on the MacKeeperTV .

MacKeeper review by Diane Emerson:

“Hi, this is Diane, I’m giving a testimonial for MacKeeper Remote Assistance. I was having some trouble with my MacBook air, and the options were to bring it in to Apple store, which is difficult for me cause I live on an island,…, and they were able to fix my problem. They convinced me it was a software problem, not a hardware problem, they were able to fix it for me, so I very grateful to them, thanks Mackeeper.”

Diane Emerson also gave MacKeeper.com the following ratings:

Price: ★★★★☆

Product: ★★★★☆

MacKeeper review by Zach:

“So, yesterday I purchased the MacKeeper services…. and I definitely will recommend that service. My Mac works much more efficiently than it did previously and it didn’t take about a couple of hours , but it take service that come in and clean my stuff well, provides … all the system operates much more efficiently and very professional staff, very courteous… and again, worth the money spent. Thank you.”

Zach also gave MacKeeper.com the following ratings:

Price: ★★★★★

Product: ★★★★★

CustomerService: ★★★★★

MacKeeper product review by M Idrees Adhi:

“… the installation process was very smooth, and it was nice to see the activation, and then the use and then the satisfaction that you have when you get the clearance of all the problems that you had on your computer. Thousands of problems were identified by MacKeeper, and I feel quite satisfied to know that all the identified problems have been fixed in a very short period of time, so I look forward to continue excellent service from MacKeeper. Thank you.”

M Idrees Adhi also gave MacKeeper.com the following ratings:

Price: ★★★★★

Product: ★★★★★

Want to hear more from real customers? Just visit MacKeeper Review page at Shopper Approved.