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27 / 10 / 2015

Hidden Gems Of Your Mac

All these hidden gems are stored in the Utilities folder on your Mac and are installed on your machine by default.

Basically, most Mac users are using standard features and applications of Mac OS X, such as Safari, iTunes, Notes, Photos, and others. But all awesome built-in Mac OS X apps are used only if it is necessary or incidentally. All these hidden gems are stored in the Utilities folder on your Mac and are installed on your machine by default. Let’s take a look at the most good-looking utilities.

Grab Utility

You may not know that with the help of Grab utility you can make screenshots on your Mac. The combinations Command-Shift-4 (full-screen screenshot) and Command-Shift-3 (area screenshot) are made by this hidden utility. Now you know that you can make the screenshots both with the help of shortcuts and Grab utility.

Digital Color Meter

This feature will surely be useful for graphic designers. There are so many colors that you would like to remember, but there are no special apps at hand. Actually, this app helps to recognize colors in different color schemes, i.e. RGB and L*a*b*. Besides, here you can recognize the colors of separate pixels.

Disk Utility

This utility helps to manage the hard drive on your Mac. Here you can find the First Aid - the first place where you can go if you notice corrupted or missing files. Here you can also hide or encrypt files by creating image files.

Keychain Access

This utility helps to monitor and manage your passwords both for system and for the web. Since Mac OS 8.6, every time you create a password for an app, for a website account, or for the system, it will be kept inside Keychain Access. Here you can change passwords, manage encryption passwords, manage trusted certificates and keep security notes.

System Information

All correct system information about your Mac hardware and software you can find in System Information utility. This utility is as simple as its name. Here you can find the hardware and software system settings as well as information about all technical data of every component that is inside of or connected to your Mac. Besides, here you can print information by clicking File > Print.

Activity Monitor

With the help of this utility you can manage processes on your Mac. You can choose a priority task or stop any process if your system requires much RAM memory for an app or a game.