How Do We Use “The Internet of Things”?

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06 / 11 / 2015

How Do We Use “The Internet of Things”?

With worldwide adoption of wireless Internet connection the Internet of Things has become a hot topic in recent years. People from all corners of the world have access to WiFi and are becoming a part of the global project of smart world.

IoT in Everyday Life

Although the Internet of Things sounds like a new major breakthrough, in fact people face it in their everyday lives. Have a look at the Libelium Smart World Infographics and you will recognize the long-adopted devices that are often used by an average person.

Plan your route by monitoring vehicles on the road; find your lost or stolen property with tracking devices; shop intelligently by getting advice in the point of sale. All your interests and preferences are gathered online, so be sure that your wants are already anticipated.

In the global scenario, the Internet will be a glue that connects literally everything. The Infographics illustrates that every aspect of our lives starting from smart lightning to water quality control will be remotely monitored and controlled. At the household level all devices that can be switched on and off can be potentially connected to the Internet and controlled remotely. The IoT is a fast-growing field with a huge potential. It's not surprising, as according to the United Nations' World Urbanizations Prospects, urban population is expected to grow by an estimated 2.3 billion in the next 40 years, having almost 70% of the world population living in cities by 2050.

Safety and Security Solutions

The Internet of Things is an answer to the question of how to improve the quality of life. Moreover, it also contributes to the safety. Smoke detectors, home surveillance equipment, child abduction alarms, baby monitor and GPS tracking devices are in the shortlist of smart devices that make our lives safer.

MacKeeper™ also contributes to the smart world with its anti-theft solutions. There is an option to track down the lost or stolen laptop by using the anti-theft tool, and the newly launched Track My Mac app initiates the tracking process of a Mac from the iPhone.

The owner can get the iSight photo reports on their iPhone and see the location of the stolen Mac either when the Mac goes online or after the first attempt of the thief to log in to the stolen machine.

So far it's difficult to foresee the aftermath of the IoT, as the overall connectivity brings up the security issues. In the meantime, there are evidently a lot of opportunities for the companies to join this trend and make our lives safer, easier, and of better quality.