9 Steps to Improve Energy Efficiency.

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06 / 11 / 2015

9 Steps to Improve Energy Efficiency.

MacKeeper's R&D Office Has Passed Energy Audit

Kromtech Alliance Corp. is an enviromentally friendly company committed to the protection of enviroment. At the same time, as a major employer, MacKeeper’s parent company always improves working conditons in its office and reduce a possible impact on environment in the normal course of business. Earlier this year Kromtech had started its GreenKeeper initiative that created a solid basis for both educational and effective influence on our customers. The next step is to improve our energy costs by passing the energy audit certification.

There are a lot of ways to apply for such audit, for example, in the USA such audit is made by Energy Star Company in common with EPA (United States Environment Protection Agency). The R&D office of MacKeeper is located in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and as the first step for energy sustainability MacKeeper has applied for the “Effective Energy” agency.

Why Kromtech need energy audit? First of all, this is reduction of energy costs, which shows the amount of energy usage within the bulding and determines the quality of equipment that is in use. This practice is popular for successful organizations, and energy audits have begun to play a more significant role in managing energy expenses. Besides, this procedure helps to cut energy costs and reduce the loss of energy during the heating season in cold countries.

The audit happened in 9 steps that included:

  1. Evaluation of the building design: the heating isolation of walls, doors, and windows

  2. Evaluation of heating systems

  3. Evaluation of hot water supply

  4. Evaluation of ventilation and conditioning systems

  5. Evaluation of lighting systems

  6. Evaluation of microclimate parameters in offices

  7. Evaluation of thermotechnical performance of the building’s shell

  8. Energy performance of the building

  9. Evaluation of comprehensive energy consumption of the building

The audit showed that MacKeeper’s R&D office in Ukraine corresponds to energy efficiency of B++ category. which is the high standard for office buildings.

We can save the environment together. MacKeeper is always open to new cooperation and partnership opportunities within the GreenKeeper task and would be grateful to see you as a member of its program. To discover more, please check out http://www.mackeeper.com, follow MacKeeper on social media sites, or send an email to streetteam (at) mackeeper (dot) com