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24 / 11 / 2015

MacKeeper™ Releases New Memory Cleaner Tool To Simplify Memory Control of Mac

MacKeeper™ has recently released a new tool to make the cleaning process on Macs more effective and easier. Now MacKeeper users can not only free up extra space on their hard drives but also enable automatic cleanup of RAM (Random Access Memory).

“Although MacKeeper contains 16 utility tools, first and foremost it is widely recognized as a cleaning program for Macs. Therefore we wanted to integrate an additional tool that would contribute to more advanced cleaning process,” says MacKeeper’s CEO Alexander Kernishniuk.

Newer Mac owners do not usually face problems with built-in Mac OS X cleaning, but long adopters can feel the benefit from Memory Cleaner, because they can easily free up memory before it causes slowdowns.

Memory Cleaner is designed to clean and optimize Mac's RAM where all data of the current session is stored. It means that the user’s computer stores all apps or files in one place for quick access, even if they have already been closed. If the RAM is overloaded, Memory Cleaner displays the current RAM status and cleans it up instantly.

What benefits Memory Cleaner delivers to its users:

  • In addition to regular hard drive cleanup, the users can free up RAM in one click. It is a very convenient option for those who work with graphics-intensive apps.

  • Users do not need to reboot their Macs after memory cleaning.

  • There's an option to enable Automatic Cleanup, which is more effective than manual cleanup.

Read more about features of the MacKeeper Memory Cleaner tool.

Download the latest version of MacKeeper: http://mackeeper.com/download