Question of the Week: Is It Safe to Put My Mac to Sleep 24/7?

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23 / 12 / 2015

Question of the Week: Is It Safe to Put My Mac to Sleep 24/7?

Answer: Yes, it is completely safe.

The main parts that tend to wear out with usage are hard drive and the fans. Both of them are turned off entirely when your Mac is put to sleep. Actually the only part that stays active is RAM, but as it is a static component and does not include any moving parts, it can be used for unlimited time without ever wearing out.

Speaking about security, the sleep mode does not make your Mac less vulnerable than when it's awake. Anyone who has physical access to your Mac can wake the Mac from sleep and gain access.

If you are worried about slowdowns because of the RAM overload, just restart your Mac or run MacKeeper's Memory Cleaner tool. This will clear out all of the data cached in the RAM, and is a good alternative to restarting.

What Is the Purpose of Sleep Mode?

The sleep mode is not only a great energy saver for your Mac but also makes it easier to instantly continue where you left off. When your Mac is in sleep, it's still turned on but consumes less power. The main difference between Sleep and Safe Sleep is that in the latter option the RAM contents are copied to the hard drive before Mac goes to sleep. Then all Mac sleep modes execute the same functions.