Look What Happened to MacKeeper in 2015

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29 / 12 / 2015

Look What Happened to MacKeeper in 2015

The Year Has Almost Ended! Look What Happened to MacKeeper in 2015

New features? Great news and new products? That's right, and even more! We are going to share unique facts and figures, big exhibitions and best changes in the product, which happened in 2015.

Versions and Changes in MacKeeper

During 2015, more than 30 iterations of MacKeeper have been released with minor bugs fixes, with new features and with more than 70 improvements in the software to ensure as smooth an experience as possible. In such a way this year new 3.x generation of MacKeeper has appeared. It’s called “Human Inside” and it’s like your personal assistant 24/7. All our users can call the toll-free number, report bugs, issues, and get professional assistance. If necessary, the user’s Mac will be fixed remotely. According to MacKeeper Analytical Center, during 2015 more than 130k live chats, 180k emails and about 60k of incoming calls have been handled by MacKeeper Support Team. And these figures are higher than those of the previous year. In the same version of MacKeeper the new important feature Memory Cleaner has been released to clean and optimize Mac’s RAM, which is the best solution when using intensive apps or games.

Even more important improvement has been made with the anti-theft technology of MacKeeper. By the end of the year our users will be able to track their lost or stolen Macs directly from their iPhones. Moreover, now the users can lock and unlock your Mac remotely via the Track My Mac iOS application. That would be awesome.

Exhibitions and Big Events

Do you remember MacKeeper at CES 2015? That was the great experience, and we were happy to meet you there. This year we’ll be waiting for you at CES 2016 with more news, awesome apps, and useful features. One more debute that MacKeeper had this year was at PEPCOM Holiday Spectacular, where the Track My Mac iOS app and the Memory Cleaner tool were presented for the first time.

New Partnerships and Awards

Very important changes have happened to MacKeeper in the sphere of new partnerships and awards. This year our product has been accepted into the Online Trust Alliance on the non-profit basis, with the mission to enhance online trust and user empowerment while promoting innovation and importance of the Internet. Joining the OTA as a Gold Sponsor is a part of MacKeeper’s “Scare Ads” initiative, which is designed to decrease the use of online “Scare Ads” that are intended to scare or dishonestly force users into downloading software. Previously MacKeeper has got Gold Award 2015 from Top 10 Reviews in such categories as antivirus software and encryption software for Macs. Besides, MacKeeper has got about 10 awards from leading software listing resources.

MacKeeper Goes Social

In 2015, MacKeeper celebrated its 5th Anniversary and conducted the first successful events in social networks with more than 3,000 participants in total. Besides, during this year, more than 5,000 new subscribers have joined our pages hon Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. Because MacKeeper expanded its distribution on the Japanese market, we’ve created the Japanese brand pages on Facebook and Twitter and welcome our users from Japan to join them.

Educational Programs and Initiatives

As a security and cleaning software vendor, MacKeeper is trying to educate its customers how to stay secure online. We held another 2 seasons of educational webinars dedicated to security, cleaning, and tips for the best usage of Mac. The total number of attendees during the two seasons of the educational webinars is 2,000 users. Together with the webinars, MacKeeper launched the Back To School Giveaway initiative that suggests donation of free licenses to schools and universities. Besides, MacKeeper launched the GreenKeeper initiative and during this year made real steps towards the efficient energy usage and environmental control.

What’s on in  2016?

As for the future forecasts, MacKeeper is working on a new version of the product with necessary improvements and changes that are based on user's questionnaires. Furthermore, the next year MacKeeper plans to make several changes in its ads policy and make it more friendly for the customers. Remain connected with MacKeeper on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube, and stay up-to-date with our latest news and events.