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06 / 01 / 2016

CES Diary: Day 1 at PEPCOM's Digital Experience

Digital Experience! is Pepcom’s big consumer electronics showcase at CES®, a media event that displays the latest in smartphones, apps, tablets, televisions, smart home gear, computers, audio, GPS, videogames, toys, gadgets, and many other technologies.

So, this is our starting point in Las Vegas, where we first presented our new Memory Cleaner feature and the Track My Mac iOS application. The event happened before the CES® opening show and took place at the Mirage hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. This is the best place to meet the press and journalists, and we basically did it.

Besides, here we first announced that MacKeeper team has invited Chris Vickery, a security researcher, to meet and greet the visitors at our booth on CES 2016 where we are going to make some exciting announcements.

Chris Vickery is a security researcher who identified data leakages of 3.3 million Hello Kitty users, 191 million US Voter Registration Records, MacKeeper encrypted customer user accounts and Major League Baseball (MLB) Digital Academy site.

To be continued! Don't miss our reports directly from CES 2016.

Don’t forget, our Booth No.35867, LVCC, South 4.