MacKeeper™ 3.X Has Launched Internationally With “Human Inside” Functionality and a New Subscription Model

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05 / 01 / 2015

MacKeeper™ 3.X Has Launched Internationally With “Human Inside” Functionality and a New Subscription Model

The application has moved away from being just a utility software to software-as-a-service, and has introduced a new subscription model.

The brand new MacKeeper 3.x, which was first introduced at MacWorld 2014, is now available internationally in 18 languages. This is the first software in the MacKeeper lineup that comes equipped with “human inside” technology – a customer assistance component integrated right into the software. With it, users no longer need to look for customer support numbers or emails; just the click of a button from within the interface and their SOS signals will be heard and promptly dealt with. Users can also activate their personal Geeks-on-Demand who can help with a multitude of issues and questions ranging from OS-related topics to choosing the right computer. In addition, all MacKeeper experts are certified by Apple.

The new generation of the MacKeeper software suite is available to international audiences via the fully redesigned mackeeper.com.

“We would like to highlight that MacKeeper 3.x is not just an upgrade from the previous product versions; it is our first release in the all-new MacKeeper software-as-service lineup, which we will continue to develop moving forward. Because of the changes and enhancements in the product functionality and positioning, it made a lot of business sense for us to adjust the subscription model as well. It will allow us to develop and improve MacKeeper faster and serve our users better.” – MacKeeper CEO Alexander Kernishniuk

Other MacKeeper 3.x benefits include: 

  • Integrated Avira’s Secure Anti-Virus API (SAVAPI), the official interface for Avira’s anti-malware scanning engine.
  • Anti-Theft service, with no extra charge.
  • Ability to manage supplementary processes that continue running and affecting performance after an app has been removed.
  • Over 70 improvements in the software to ensure as smooth an experience as possible.
  • Unique design in line with new Mac OSX Yosemite.

Consumers who would like to install MacKeeper 3.x can now choose from 3 subscription packages: Basic (USD $39.95/year), Standard (USD $59.95/year) and Premium (USD $89.95/year).

“However, users who have been using MacKeeper 2.x with their lifetime licenses don't need to worry,” adds Kernishniuk. “Their licenses are not going to expire or to be taken away. Current users can either move to the all-new MacKeeper 3.x by purchasing one of the license packages or they can continue using MacKeeper 2.x. All active subscriptions can be accessed and managed from their accounts as per normal.”