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20 / 01 / 2016

MacKeeper™ and Chris Vickery Launch the MacKeeper Security Research Center

MacKeeper™ announces the launch of an Analytical and Security Center headed by the white-hat security researcher Chris Vickery, who had previously reported a misconfigured database containing the personal information of over 191 million voters. Vickery also found the unprotected data and customer records of Hello Kitty, MLB, ATP and Slipknot official online communities.

JANUARY 19, 2016

At the CES meeting MacKeeper and Chris Vickery announced a partnership to establish the best security and privacy practices. Chris will help MacKeeper with security auditing, discovering potential threats, and will advise the best solutions against future vulnerabilities. Chris will create and maintain his own security blog (Security Watch with Chris Vickery) where he will exclusively report on new security and data breaches as well as give his personal recommendations on how companies and individuals can protect themselves.

Also, MacKeeper conducted an in-depth interview with Chris Vickery at CES 2016, you can watch it in full at the MacKeeper Youtube Channel.

“I have come across about 80 open unauthenticated and totally available databases that should not be published that way, - said Chris Vickery in an interview to MacKeeper. - The easiest way to troubleshot that is to assign a little bit of overtime to somebody in IT-dept that knows your IP-addresses and servers you use to host your important info on, get them to go home and try to access them from their home PCs. That’s really simple, really easy, but that’ll find almost a 100 per cent of the vulnerabilities that I found. If you can reach it from your home, then anybody in the world can do that”.

2015 was a difficult year where even cyber security providers found themselves vulnerable to an increasing number of cyber attacks, data breaches, or security vulnerabilities (this includes MacKeeper). According to Security Week, the number of companies and organizations that have experienced a data breach has doubled since 2013.

“This year we will focus on strengthening MacKeeper’s security by conducting our own security audits and anticipating any vulnerabilities that may arise in the future. As a member of the Online Trust Alliance, our company is committed to providing security and privacy for our users. Our partnership with Chris Vickery is a major step towards establishing a solid analytical and security platform to help our company and others to avoid external threats. No one is 100% immune against data vulnerability and we believe that the best thing any company can do is to implement the best practices when it comes to protecting user data. It is important to have a response plan and be prepared in the event of a data breach to act immediately,” according to Alexander Kernishniuk, MacKeeper’s CEO.