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01 / 02 / 2016

Streaming Services Ban Users With VPN. What Does it Mean?

It’s not quite clear how the users will fix this problem and go the rounds of Netflix and other services.

You may read and hear almost from all over the Internet that VPN connection is for good, and you can feel safe while using it. But the first fight against VPN connection was fired by the Netflix streaming service, which is going to block users who use VPN connection, (Virtual Private Network).

First of all, let’s describe what is VPN and why you need it on your Mac. Security is the main purpose of the VPN. To say simpler, it hides your location, your personal information and other details which you send into the Net. VPN uses some sort of separate tunnelling virtual connection to hide and encrypt your data. You can either download a VPN plugin for your Mac or buy a Wi-Fi router with the built-in VPN.

Another reason for using VPN is to hide the current geolocation. Most websites, services, even Google tracks your geolocation and history of visits to create a custom ad campaign or charge for overlimits. Most websites or services provide different conditions for watching movies, listening to music and even reading the content depending on geolocation of the visitor. VPN helps to cheat these services and save money or get something for free.

So, that is the reason why most streaming services block and ban users with installed VPN services. Netflix officially reported on its blog that it will fight against VPNs without explaining on how they will do this. The service started cracking down the customers who watch the content only outside their own countries by blocking proxies and VPNs.

This is not a single case when a streaming service tries to secure its content from accessing from other countries. Back in 2014, the well-known provider HULU restricted access to its libraries for the non-US users.

How it affects the safety of users?

It’s not quite clear how the users will fix this problem and go the rounds of Netflix and other services. But, likely, the main part of users will find cheaper variants of the service, the other part may disable the VPN and proxy while watching the Netflix, and thus undergo a possible information leakage. Read how to secure your communication with proxy and VPN.  For those who think that VPN is necessary for their online security such position of the service may lead to the cancelling the subscription and maybe they will be right.