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22 / 02 / 2016

Question of the Week: How to Manage Files in the Mac OS X?

Thousands of photos, media files, and text documents are stored on my Mac. What is the fastest way to find the one I need and how to delete all copies?

The attempts of finding the lost files can make a grown-up cry. Of course you can use the built-in filter in the Finder, but what if you need to find the file that you have not opened for more than a year?

As the Apple Support forum suggests, using third-party apps can significantly facilitate your life. It doesn't mean that you cannot do this manually, but the entire process may take days, especially when it comes to finding and deleting photos that are scattered throughout your Mac.
Try these tips to make your searches fast and painless.

How to find a lost file with MacKeeper Files Finder?
This feature scans your computer's disk for all files of the selected file type. You can choose one of the predefined filters to find files on your Mac or experiment with your own filters.
1. Open Files Finder on the welcome screen.
2. To open the work area, choose Filter.
3. To activate the filter, click Start Scan, and all files that are located in your user folder will appear in the list of results.
4. To view last scan results for each filter, click Scan Results. 
5. To search for files in a specific folder, click Change Folder.

How to find duplicate files with MacKeeper Duplicate Finder?
This feature detects file copies that take up space on your hard drive. It groups such identical files so that you can remove unnecessary duplicates.
1. Open Duplicates Finder and click Start Scan.
If you are looking for a specific file, you can narrow down the search results by selecting the file type - Images, Documents, Music/Sound, Video, Archives, or Raw Photos. 
2. To preview the files, click Quick Look. 
3. To search for specific files, use the filter field.
4. If you click the Dups button, the system automatically leaves only the copy that has been recently updated and selects other copies for removal.
5. When the copies are selected, click Remove, and all of them will be moved to the Trash. To repeat the scan, click Scan. To search for duplicates in another folder, click Change Folder.