Cleaning Online Accounts

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01 / 04 / 2016

Cleaning Online Accounts

Online account is the last place where people would do cleaning. Who cares how neatly things are stored in your virtual office, and the best thing is that no one can see how

The question is how much space in your cloud storage is taken by emails with attached files, old photos, family movies and other large files? If not much, it’s ok, but if you spend money monthly to expand your virtual drive,it means that you need to Spring Clean your online storage. That’s easy.

Start from social media accounts, check them for private messages with sensitive information, financial details or some details that may be interesting for hackers and phishers. If you don't want to lose these messages, simply keep them as screenshots on your Mac. Over time, we forget to delete messages or photos and keep secrets in social networks, so why not remember about this during the spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning recommendations for social media accounts:

  • Refresh your passwords and email that is linked to your social media account.

  • Review the box with private messages; maybe you will find a flow that should be deleted.

  • Review the friends list and list of users who are subscribed for you; don’t let strangers watch after your life.

Another important place to be cleaned is your email account. Did you know that the main part of memory in your email is occupied by the spam and newsletters, to which you accidentally subscribed? Such letters not only clutter your mailbox but also make it difficult to find the needed emails.

Spring Cleaning recommendations for email box:

  • Unsubscribe from annoying newsletters that you receive daily.

  • Make your mailbox neatl, create filters for letters from important email addresses, and so on. Make the same for other letters by sorting them in different folders.

  • Remove letters with large attachments, free-downloading them and keeping somewhere on Mac or in cloud storage.

  • Set up the spam blockers; most email services include such option.

Your cloud storage is a nice thing, but at the same time it needs your investments. Check the storage and you will see that it contains too many unneeded files. Once a year you may spend an hour cleaning your virtual drive, but during the next you may save up to 200$. Try to do it during this year’s Spring Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning recommendations for virtual drive:

  • Сheck the folders and choose the files that are not necessary. Imagine that you have already lost these files. If nothing touches your soul, then it means that you don’t need these files.

  • Make sure that you keep proper files in your cloud; sometimes cloud providers are trying to upload to the cloud as much files as you have on your Mac, to charge you for an extra space. Better check the storage to avoid overpayments.

  • And once again, keep the things neat. Check if you store duplicates, which is the most common reason to pay more.

Looking for automatic solution that keeps your memory clean? We recommend MacKeeper Memory Cleaner Utility.