How Can an Anti-Theft App Help You Find a Lost Mac?

How Can an Anti-Theft App Help You Find a Lost Mac?

We get a lot of feedback from our customers who had their Macs lost or stolen. That's why we developed Track My Mac: an advanced theft-recovery app that allows users to recover a missing Mac remotely using the iPhone.

Follow these 3 quick steps to set up Track My Mac on your iPhone:

Step 1. Download Track My Mac from the iTunes Store.

MacKeeper's Track My Mac on App Store is completely free of charge!

Step 2. Synchronize Track My Mac with MacKeeper Anti-Theft.

To connect your Mac and iPhone:

  • Create a Track My Mac account in the app.
  • Download the latest version of MacKeeper.
  • Log in to MacKeeper from your Mac by using your Track My Mac login and password.
  • Open the Anti-Theft tab and click “Install Anti-Theft” on its Welcome Screen.
  • On the Anti-Theft screen, enable “Location Tracker” and set Spy Lock “after 1st entry attempt”.

Step 3. Add a new device.

Track My Mac can monitor the unlimited number of Macs. After you create your personal account, click “Add new device”. At this point all your devices are by default either marked as “Protected” or “Tracking Disabled”.

Now everything is ready to track and monitor your Mac. When you notice that your Mac is missing, immediately report it as "Stolen" and start tracking it from your iPhone. When the status of your device is changed to "Stolen", you can use the Remote Screen Locker. Just press "Lock Screen", and no one can access the data on your Mac. Later, if you need to unlock it, enter your user account password.

Track My Mac can provide you with evidence of unauthorized access by making a snapshot of the person who enters incorrect Mac OS User Account Password. The snapshot is sent to the iPhone owner as a part of anti-theft report. The report includes location on the map, IP address, name of the Wi-Fi router, and photo evidence. All you have to do is send the report to the local police office.

If your lost Mac is successfully recovered, congratulations! Now you can press "Report found" and change the status of your device.

With Track My Mac you can be sure that if your Mac ever falls into the wrong hands, there is a way to locate it.

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