How to test-drive macOS Sierra beta?

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08 / 07 / 2016

How to test-drive macOS Sierra beta?

Today, Apple released the new macOS Sierra and iOS 10 betas to the public for testing before the official launch.

If you are a Mac user and don’t want to wait for the new macOS version until the fall, then Apple welcomes you to test-drive its pre-release version and to give your feedback. We will give several tips how to become macOS Sierra beta-tester and to keep all your data safe.

Backup your data

Before going to beta.apple.com, make sure you backed up all the important data on your Mac. Remember that all betas naturally contain bugs and issues, different users may run into unexpected problems, that’s why, it’s better having a plan B. Check out our quick backup tips.

Sign up for macOS Sierra

Go to beta.apple.com > sign up with your Apple ID > click the Enroll Your Devices link at the top of the page. On the Enroll Your Devices website you’ll see a section called “Install the macOS Sierra public beta. Here, you’ll find a redemption code; click on the Redeem Code button. This will launch the App Store, where you’ll need to enter your Apple ID Password to download the installer.

After the installation, you will find the Feedback Assistant app that appears in your Dock on your Mac so that beta testers could give an instant feedback if they find bugs.

Wait for a couple of weeks

For those who want to see a more refined version and not to deal with tons of bugs, you’d better wait till mid-August. Apple will release the updated beta every two weeks until the fall, that’s why the more you wait the better version you will test.