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27 / 07 / 2016

MacKeeper's 6th Birthday: Behind the Scenes

MacKeeper is celebrating its 6th birthday and we would like to look back and review what has happened to MacKeeper during the year.

First, MacKeeper launched the Anti-Scare Ads Initiative that allows the Internet users to report all inappropriate ads that are related to MacKeeper. Furthermore, for those users who don’t want to see any MacKeeper-related content at all, we launched the Remove MacKeeper Ads initiative, which allows to block MacKeeper ads for one month.

“We care about the product and service that we provide, about our customers and our brand. It’s no secret that we are one of the largest buyers of advertising traffic targeting the Mac OS with millions of global ad impressions per month. We do our best to know where and how our product will be delivered to the end user, but sometimes it’s impossible to control how the partners work and distribute the product,” - says Alexandr Kernishniuk, CEO of MacKeeper.

This year MacKeeper announced its second consequent qualification for Online Trust Alliance Honor Roll 2016 that recognizes excellence in data protection, privacy and security for websites and mobile applications.

In January 2016, MacKeeper and a white-hat researcher Chris Vickery announced a partnership to establish the best security and privacy practices. MacKeeper Security Research Center, which is led by Vickery, carries out regular security audits of the software and establishes security best practices to ensure the safety of users. It helped many companies and users worldwide to secure their data online and will continue to help many more in the future. Vickery regularly highlights the latest discoveries in the Security Watch column of the MacKeeper blog.

"When I found one of the databases of MacKeeper, they turned around and said, 'OK, we want to hire you to give us tips about data breaches.’ That was an awesome response,'" said Chris Vickery.

In 2016, MacKeeper initiated the Donation program and announced the start of donation $500,000 worth of software for non-profit, enviromental, and educational organizations. This initiative created a solid basis for educational and effective data management for both our customers and non-profit partners.

During the last 6 years, MacKeeper reached more than 30 million downloads and got more than 30 thousand positive reviews from real customers on the review services. In 6 years the MacKeeper team grew up to 100 people, and it keeps growing.

MacKeeper is celebrating its 6th birthday, join the celebration by watching our corporate video.