MacKeeper Security Advisory

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25 / 07 / 2016

MacKeeper Security Advisory

Kromtech ​i​s ​a​ware ​o​f the MacKeeper ​u​pdate ​e​rror.

For a few weeks the MacKeeper Anti-Theft utility had a technical issue with updating Avira’s antivirus engine. Our team worked quickly to resolve this issue as soon as it was discovered and now the issue has been fixed and successfully closed. The 32-bit library was updated on AVIRA's side to restore the link between the AV database and AV engine used by MacKeeper.

Now all MacKeeper users can update the antivirus database to the latest version. We want to emphasize that this issue was temporary and never left MacKeeper users unprotected due to the fact that the existing virus database covered all known threats up to the time of the update. During that time MacKeeper users were protected with the previous version of Avira’s AV engine.

Please let us know if you have any questions or technical difficulties either via support@mackeeper.com or by contacting our support specialists in chat directly from the MacKeeper app.