4 iPhone Security Tips to Use Right Now

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28 / 07 / 2016

4 iPhone Security Tips to Use Right Now

Now users are afraid of updating to the latest version of the iOS because of the security flaw that lets hackers access iPhones by using iMessage. The way Apple software handles images lets the flaw access iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac via a simple email or iMessage.

While Apple is fixing the issue, let’s think how well-protected is your iPhone? At least you may lose it, it may be stolen, and then your personal data such as photos and personal emails may be leaked. The iOS already includes all security features for protecting your data both online and offline, but you still don’t know about it.

Set Up Password

Everyone should set up at least a simple 4-digit passcode to protect the iPhone from unexpected intruder. Since iPhone 5s has appeared on the market with the fingerprint scanner, you can scan your fingerprint to unlock the iPhone.

To set up the passcode:

  1. Go to Settings > Touch ID and Passcode.

  2. If your passcode is still inactive, activate it and choose what to set up: a 4-digit passcode, a 6-digit passcode, or longer. Besides, as I’ve said before, you can scan a fingerprint to use it instead of a passcode if you use iPhone 5s and later.

Set Up Notifications

Make sure that your collegues or anyone else cannot read incoming messages through screen preview. It would be better to manage this option:

  1. Go to Settings > Touch ID and Passcode.

  2. Check what is visible in the "Allow Access When Locked" section. Turn off/on what is nesessary.

Set Up iCloud

The most useful feature of iCloud is automatic backup. Whether you lost your iPhone, or whether you are switching to the newer version of iPhone, you will need this feature. It enables you to to restore your favourite photos or other private files any time.

  1. Go to Settings > iCloud.

  2. Log in to your iCloud account. If you don’t have one, you should sign up.

  3. After you logged in, go to Backups and turn on backup.

Furthermore, iCloud includes the Find My iPhone feature that allows you to locate your lost or stolen iPhone if it is online.

Keep iOS Up To Date

Despite the fact that Apple is now fixing security vulnerability in beta version, you should always keep your software up to date, including the third-party apps. You can also use the Update Tracker feature of MacKeeper to keep all of your third-party apps up to date. All of the software may  be potentially vulnerable, and first what each software vendor does after the issue is fixed, is releasing a new version with fixes.

Make sure that you have a backup before updating the iOS. The rest is easy:

1.Tap Settings > General.

2.Tap Software Update to see if an update is available. If yes, then install the update.