Security Advisory: Opera Announces Data Breach

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31 / 08 / 2016

Security Advisory: Opera Announces Data Breach

A few days ago Opera warned its users about possible cyber attack that may have compromised passwords and users data. The developer also said that the attack was quickly blocked. Anyway, the developer asks its users to change passwords and reset all Opera sync account passwords as a precaution.

Recently Opera has released the Opera sync service that lets users link all devices by using cloud-based technology. If you want to jump to Opera on your mobile phone from Opera on laptop, you will continue at the same place. That’s quite a useful feature, but such thing always keeps hidden threats in case of hack.

According to Opera, only Opera sync user accounts may have been targeted, and the total active number of users of Opera sync in the last month is 1.7 million, less than 0.5% of the total Opera user base of 350 million people. It means that only Opera Sync users need to update passwords, and the event doesn’t affect the remaining users of the Opera browser.

At the same time, an official announcement says that only Opera sync passwords may have been compromised and all third-party websites passwords were encrypted.

If you use Opera sync, you should do the following:

  • Reset the password. Actually, Opera will ask you to reset it. Whether you like it or not, this option is required.

  • Change all third-party website passwords that you entrusted to Opera’s service.