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MacKeeper is ready for macOS Sierra official release

MacKeeper is ready for macOS Sierra official release

The new MacKeeper version can be downloaded from

You can upgrade to macOS Sierra and take advantage of numerous features that were not previously available in OS X 10.11.

Since the first public beta release, new OS has received a number of different updates and has a lot of hidden features to try. Here is our complete guide to the newest tools available in mac OS Sierra.

New macOS Sierra features worth upgrading for:

Siri for Mac

One of the most expected new macOS feature is Siri for Mac. Now it’s not only available on your iPhone and iPad, after upgrade you can make use of personal assistant to complete many tasks on your Mac.

Siri can be your personal DJ as it can access different applications on macOS such as iTunes. Moreover it is compatible with Safari as well, allowing it to act on web searches.

Copy and paste across Apple devices

Apple keeps extending its Continuity feature which lets you answer calls and reply to texts on your Mac, or start an email there and finish it on your iPhone.

Having macOS Sierra and iOS 10 on your iPhone you can seamlessly copy and paste between your Mac and iPhone or iPad. Everything starting from images and videos can be copied, as well as portions of text or website addresses.

Auto Unlock with Apple Watch

Another extension of the Continuity function is how a Mac can be unlocked with your Apple Watch. So long as your Watch is unlocked and on your wrist, and it is associated with the same Apple ID as your Mac, its Bluetooth connection will do the rest. Walk up to your Mac, open it or wake it up and you will be automatically logged in without having to type in your password.

Memories in Photos

Newest Photos app in macOS Sierra can create Memories based on the photos you've already taken. With the new app, you will now see photos automatically grouped into events and you can then take the resulting collection and turn it into a short movie that Photos automatically edits and sets to music.

Apple Pay on Your Mac

Through macOS Sierra, Apple Pay is coming to the Mac over the web using the iPhone or Apple Watch to authenticate purchases. This adds a layer of security to your purchase, since you will use Touch ID on your iPhone or by double clicking the side button on your Apple Watch.

Picture in Picture

This feature is already supported on the iPad and now it is coming to your Mac. With macOS Sierra, you can load up a video and pop it out so that it hovers over the top of the rest of your screen.

Tab support

You can now put multiple windows of any program into tabs. This is built-in to macOS Sierra so developers don't need to make changes to support it.

Just like how you can use tabs in Safari on OS X El Capitan or in Chrome, you can now put multiple windows into one using tabs in macOS Sierra.


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