Comparison With MacKeeper

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10 / 10 / 2016

Comparison With MacKeeper

One month has passed since Apple released new macOS Sierra. As many Mac users may notice, the new macOS includes cleaning features. That’s quite strange that finally Apple decided to integrate cleaning tools, but at the same time this is predictable, considering the number of people who use this feature. Yes cleaning and optimization remain popular tools if Apple integrated it in macOS.

What macOS Sierra will clean and what won’t? We made a comparison between cleaning functionality of macOS Sierra and MacKeeper and at the end we have got interesting results.

Cleans App Caches

App caches take much more space than you think. Your mac keeps all app caches even if you haven’t used the app during the months. Now your mac collects Safari, Chrome, Messenger and other apps caches that you may use. You can imagine what is the amount of space used to store caches if only Spotify takes 1.9 GB of disk space.

New macOS Sierra cleans caches automatically as a background process, but it cleans only caches of the apps that developed by Apple (Safari, XCode, iTunes) and doesn’t clean caches of any third-party apps.

Count all third-party apps on your Mac and you will realize that number of them is two times bigger that the number of Apple apps. Here is the time for MacKeeper, in case if you want to clean caches of all third party apps, which is the main part of all caches that stored on your Mac.

Cleans Duplicates

You know how many duplicates clutter your mac. If you scan your Mac for duplicates at least once a month, then you definitely know. Dozens…

macOS Sierra cleans duplicates, but the cleaning area is a little bit smaller than you may expect. Duplicates cleaning feature cleans only duplicates in Downloads folder of Safari.

What else you can clean?

Remove Apps Completley 

Even providing important cleaning features, macOS Sierra missed one very important cleaning tool, such as App Uninstaller. Except cache files, the apps leave app-related files and leftovers. If you simply removed the app by dragging file in the trash, be sure that app-related files are stayed on your Mac for a long time.

If you don’t use third-party apps to clean leftovers and apps related files, they will remain with you throughout the life of your mac. Sounds not very good.

Remove All Duplicates

While macOS sierra lets you to clean duplicates only in Safari Downloads folder, you can scan the whole system with MacKeeper. You will definitely find a lot of duplicates.

During the daily tasks, you may even not notice how you create duplicates and leave them on Mac, in folders, on the cluttered desktop, in Downloads folder and who knows where else. MacKeeper lets you to do advanced cleaning of your Mac.

Free-up RAM

it is a small feature that frees up a lot of RAM memory. After using of intensive app or game, or for example after watching movies online your RAM memory is fully loaded and leaves not enough memory for other processes. MacKeeper can free up RAM memory automatically if your memory reaches minimum limit, or you can clean it manually.

And in conclusion we wanted to add that cleaning is really important. And the main reason is because Apple finally released its macOS with built in cleaning tools, if this is not important why would Apple design new OS with cleaning?