macOS Sierra Security Features. What Is Missing?
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macOS Sierra Security Features. What Is Missing?

And they are partly right…

We can count on the fingers the amount of viruses that were designed specially for the macOS. Maybe because of popularity of the Windows computers in the world, or maybe because Macs are mostly reticent systems. Fact is the fact. At the same time it doesn’t mean that Macs are not exposed to threats.


What security features does the macOS Sierra have?

A Safer Way to Pay on the Web

Apple Pay is now web-based, and it makes online purchases much easier and safer than before. Before, when you were visiting the store and were paying with just a tap, you were feeling like in future. Now you can pay online the same way, the future is now. Besides, it’s safe, you can pay only after the fingerprint scan, and there’s no need to use your credit card details for every purchase. Apple Pay is an alternative to PayPal and other popular money transfer resources.

No More Flash

Only during the last year Adobe released 12 critical security updates. In macOS Sierra, Safari blocks Adobe Flash by default and encourages the use of HTML5. Of course, some websites heavily require installed Flash Player. In this case you may see a popup with the offer to install the plugin.

Unlock with Apple Watch

One of the most useful and secure ways to unlock your Mac is to use Apple Watch. This feature is called Auto Unlock. When you are near your Mac, it will unlock automatically. Here is the instruction on how to set up Auto Unlock.

Stronger Gatekeeper

New macOS Gatekeeper includes 2 new features, one is visible, and another one is invisible to the user. The visible feature allows to install apps only from the App Store plus apps from identified developers with the ability to allow installation of any apps from unidentified developers. All you need is to open an unsigned app, right-click the app, and then select Open. The invisible feature still allows the unsigned apps to appear in the Applications folder. However, this time macOS 10.12 actually stores them in a random location on your drive, limiting possible damage from a rogue app.


What is missing?

Protection from Malware

Though a lot of people claim that the macOS doesn’t need antimalware (antivirus) protection, many others keep searching Google for antimalware solutions. Malware is the issue of the day and seems like Apple doesn’t want to bring any security solutions.

Protection from Ransomware

According to Google, ‘ransomware’ requests have tripled in comparison with 2014. Security vendors claim that ransomware is the #1 danger for Mac users and have already extended the existing antimalware solutions with anti-ransomware. Ransomware may be a part of package from unidentified developer or a part of adware.

Adware Cleaning Tool

Being a daily headache of Mac users, adware appears as banners on the desktop from unknown apps, popups with proposals to complete installation, or in any other annoying form.

All three missing tools need to be installed on your Mac to make sure that your data, private files, or at least your Mac are safe. MacKeeper offers ultimate security solutions for your Mac together with optimization tools. You can download the latest version here >

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