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08 / 12 / 2014

MacKeeper™ 3.0 Gets Thumbs Up at MacWorld 2014

For the forth year in a row, MacKeeper™ brand took part in probably the most important event in Mac consumer community, MacWorld 2014.

Meeting MacKeeper fans is always a rewarding and a humbling experience and the MacKeeper team interacted with hundreds of customers who stopped by the booth to say hello, ask a question and find out about what MacKeeper had next in store.

This year the team's objective at MacWorld 2014 was to showcase the all new MacKeeper 3.0. It's a new generation of the product with “human” assistance integrated into the software. It combines the complex algorithms of the computer technology with technical expertise and creative thinking of a live support representative who can solve users Mac problems 24/7. All MacKeeper experts are certified by Apple.

The interaction with the experts is built into the software interface (a huge step away from the traditional customer support/call center model), so users no longer need to look for customer support numbers, urls or email addresses. Just the click of the button and their “SOS” signal will be heard and promptly dealt with. In addition, users can activate their personal Geeks-on-demand, who can help with a multitude of issues and questions ranging from How-tos to choosing the right computer.

It was wonderful to see that the concept of the new MacKeeper with “human” inside was well received by MacWorld visitors, who all agreed that having a tech expert just a click away gives them much more confidence when dealing with their Macs. This was especially relevant and appreciated by Mac novices.MacKeeper was also noticed and favourably acknowledged by some of the journalists attending the event.

For example, the interview with a MacKeeper representative aired on Popular Technology Radio, and the segment showcasing MacKeeper is going to be part of the post-MacWorld program by NewsWatch TV scheduled for broadcast on History and Bio channels.

Now, the next big step for the MacKeeper team is to ensure the international availability of MacKeeper 3.0, including all of its localized versions.