MacKeeper Helps to Equip School in Kenya

MacKeeper Helps to Equip School in Kenya

MacKeeper has started monthly donations to AFCA from September and donates 1$ for every 10 seconds that our users wait on hold. The campaign is aimed at optimizing the response time of its support technicians for a good cause. MacKeeper team is a novice in taking actions, and this is the first real step to big actions and changes.
AFCA includes educational support programs and helps children who’ve been orphaned by HIV/AIDS and children who are infected by HIV. Amongst other things, the foundation provides medical equipment and supplies, medicine, livelihoods programs, books for some small school libraries, and equips schools with sanitary units.

Donations that MacKeeper gathered have been invested in building four sanitary units in a small school in Kenya, in the village Miwani with 185 students and 9 teachers. The purpose is to make the learning process safe and to have facilities that are clean and hygienic. “The school itself is made out of corrugated metal and offers very poor facilities. Some children do have chairs, and many do not” - said Tanya Weaver, director of AFCA. Further donations will be spent on other essential daily needs in schools and places where children spend most of their time.

“We believe that it’s always possible to convert business solutions into good causes, such as taking actions or helping the non-profits. This initiative shows us the right direction for further big non-profit activities and lets us bring the help around the planet.” says Alexander Kernishniuk. “Here in Kenya, we are happy to share donations for really important things, which bring comfort and simplify the life of local kids.”

Tanya Weaver, Executive Director of AFCA, says that MacKeeper’s further donations will be spent on other items that are necessary for learning. In early 2017, AFCA will be sending a container of medical and school supplies. The container will include desks for teachers and students, chairs, school supplies, books, medical supplies, and other useful items.

Sewing machines will also be part of this container because we’ll be training women and men in the community to start their own tailoring businesses”, says Weaver. “Thanks to MacKeeper for giving children and older community members in Miwani this great help, at the right time.”

About the Initiative

MacKeeper is not just software. It also offers a complete customer support service to assist users with any software-related issues. If waiting on a hold line for remote support specialist takes more than 1 minute, MacKeeper will donate $1 for every 10 seconds spent by a customer on the phone.

Almost one year ago MacKeeper started the Donation Program and Educational Initiative, the main purpose of which was supporting the non-profit and educational organizations around the world. More details here:

You can take action too and donate via the official website of American Foundation for Children with AIDS. Donate to help >

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