Best Apple Commercials of all Times

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19 / 01 / 2017

Best Apple Commercials of all Times

What makes the Apple company so special? Every year millions of people wait for the new Apple Presentations, ads, releases, and products. Besides, Apple became a real trend setter that is responsible for some of the most charming adverts in history. Let’s have a look at some the most iconic ads in Apple’s history.

High Technology, Inc (1977)
The first ever created Apple’s TV ad with the weird voiceover. 












Lisa computer commercial with Kevin Costner, (1983)
Just before the release of Macintosh, Apple was trying to push its Lisa computer. 

1984  (1983)
This is the iconic and classic Apple ad before the official release of Apple Macintosh. 


Dinasours (1994)
In most cases Apple and Microsoft were struggling via ads, that is the best example of such ad. 


Think Different (1997)
Black and white shorts with famous people, such as Einstein, Gandhi, Picasso, and others. The ad shows people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world. This ad is an absolutely new approach in the way how Apple makes ads. 


3 Steps, iMac (1998) 
This is the first iMac ad that shows how easy you can set up new Apple computer in only 2 steps. Yes, there is no step 3 in the ad.


Apple’s IPod Ad (2001)


Pre-release Apple iPhone ad, Hello (2007)


What’s a Computer, iPad Pro (2016)