14 Ways To Say `I Love You, Mac`

14 Ways To Say `I Love You, Mac`

Way #1: Let It Boot Up Faster

Don’t overload your Mac with dozens of login items that launch all the time you restart your Mac. Turn them off:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items.

  2. Remove all check marks in front of the apps that you want to remove from the Login Items list.

  3. Hold the Command key and select the items. Make sure that the background of the selected items is changed, then click “-”.

  4. If you want to add login items to the list, click ”+” and add the apps from the Applications folder.

Way #2: Give It the Latest Updates

Who doesn't like to get new stuff? Your Mac is not an exception. Old versions of apps can slow down the system and may be the reason of potential threats. Update the software in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to Apple Menu.

  2. Open the App Store.

  3. Go to Updates, and then click the “Update” button to install the available updates.


Way #3: Give It a Vacation

Your Mac may also be tired. Just give it a break, it’s easy:

- Reboot your Mac at least once a week.

- Quit an app as soon as your work with it is over.


Way #4: Detox Is a Great Present

Every day your Mac collects dozens of items, such as cache files, junk, leftovers, and many, many more other items. If you don’t clean your Mac regularly, someday you may find it overloaded. Why not give your Mac a detox program this Valentine? Here you can read how to clean your Mac properly >


Way #5: Give It Something Special

Set up a custom welcome screen. Let’s see your Mac in an unusual way:

  1. Press Command ⌘-Shift ⇧-G.

  2. Type “/Library/Caches” and click Go.

  3. Choose the picture that you want to set as a login screen (PNG format) and rename it to com.apple.desktop.admin.png.

  4. Copy the picture to the cache folder and remove the previous one.

  5. Then just restart your Mac to apply the changes.


Way #6: Speak Its Language

There are thousands of shortcuts that you can use to speak with your Mac easier. You can even create your own shortcuts, it takes only a few minutes:

  1. Go to the System Preferences > Keyboard.

  2. In the top of the window, go to Shortcuts.

  3. In the left section of the window, select the area of your Mac that you want to control with the shortcuts.

  4. In the right section of the window, click the existing version of the shortcut and write the new one in the same line.


Way #7: Set a Video as Screensaver

That’s the best present for any Mac, if you want to make it stylish. The process is as simple as setting up a custom image on the welcome screen:

  1. Firstly, you cannot do this without third-party apps like this: https://goo.gl/Jak1qA >

  2. If the app is installed on your Mac, go to the System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver tab.

  3. In the left section of the window, find the installed video screensavers. That’s it.


Way #8: Find It a Cool Pair

Overheating is a bad process. The hardware doesn’t like it at all. Furthermore, overheating may slow down your Mac. The solutions can be as follows:

  • Use any kind of cooling pad.

  • Clean the RAM memory.

  • Close the unneeded apps and finish the unneeded processes.

  • Keep away from the sun.

  • Avoid using a Mac on a bed or fabric surface.


Way #9: Extra Protection Won't Hurt

According to AV-Test Institute annual report 2016, more than 600 millions of malware were detected during the last year. Furthermore, more than 56,000

ransomware infections were registered only in March 2016. Forewarned is forearmed. Give your Mac the latest version of MacKeeper security solution, don’t be lazy, it takes only few minutes.


Way #10: Take Care of Your Mac’s Battery

To get the most out of your MacBook's battery, you should avoid certain activities or types of software:

  • Avoid overheating.

  • Avoid games and graphic intensive apps, such as Photoshop.

  • Use Energy Saver Preferences.


Way #11: Keep Your Mac Away From Thieves

Have you ever lost your Mac or any kind of tech? Actually, you can prevent that, or at least get it back. MacKeeper offers a full set of anti-theft options. What’s more, all these options are free. All you need is to learn how to properly install the anti-theft tools. Just check the link >


Way #12: Give It Something Stylish

The idea to protect your Mac outside is as important as to protect it inside. While using a Mac, you can make dozens of scratches, pour a cup of coffee, or drop the pizza. Your Mac doesn’t deserve it, so a stylish MacBook cover is the best option.


Way #13: Let It Look Neat
The best way to make your Mac look fresh is to remember the Spring Cleaning Tips. Your Mac will appreciate your personal approach and care. Just refresh these easy tips in your memory.


Way #14: The Best “I Love You Mac” Idea

MacKeeper includes 17 features, and that’s even more ways to say "I love you" than you expected.
Download the latest version here >


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