How to See Battery Time Remaining on MacOS Sierra

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06 / 02 / 2017

How to See Battery Time Remaining on MacOS Sierra

If you have always kept very close tabs on your battery usage and time remaining, the latest macOS Sierra update can be an unpleasant surprise.

With the 10.12.2 version Apple removed the “time remaining” option that has always resided under the battery icon leaving just a percentage with a list of the apps using significant energy.

Though there is a good reason for it. Apple removed this indicator because it was too confusing for users as the remaining time fluctuated widely as they open and use specific apps.

The battery icon in the Mac's menu bar offers a look at remaining battery percentage, but it does not provide estimates on how long the MacBook Pro's battery will last. Here's what Apple said about it:

Apple said the percentage is accurate, but because of the dynamic ways we use the computer, the time remaining indicator couldn't accurately keep up with what users were doing. Everything we do on the MacBook affects battery life in different ways and not having an accurate indicator is confusing.

Besides the apps we are working on all the time, there are a lot of things that are happening in the background that users may not be aware of that affects battery life.

Though we have good news, there are few ways to check how much battery time is remaining on any laptop with the latest macOS Sierra update using Activity Monitor.

Apps Using Significant Energy

Though Apple removed "time remaining" from the Menu bar, you can still find it in Activity Monitor where all specific information is stored. After clicking on the battery icon you will see the list of apps consuming significant energy on your Mac.

To see the time remaining you can:

  1. Click on the on the Battery icon on the right of the Menubar.

  2. Click on the name of an app using significant energy.

  3. Look at Time Remaining at the bottom of Activity Monitor, once it launches.

We recommend paying attention to percentage charge remaining as a more accurate estimate of when you will need to charge your laptop. Over time you will get a pretty good feel for how long you can work between charges.