Avoid a chance of being trapped by a virus attack, especially if you are a Mac user

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21 / 02 / 2017

Avoid a chance of being trapped by a virus attack, especially if you are a Mac user

If you read the article heading, you may think:

"Macs never get viruses, that's why I've chosen this computer", "Apple devices are totally secured from any kinds of online threats", "Macs don't need any protection as Apple has already taken care of this". The truth is that a definition of a "virus" has become very capacious, and now it includes a wide range of components and kinds of threats. So, it's important to figure out what types of viruses Mac users should avoid, why they are dangerous, and what steps you should take to feel confident while surfing the Internet. Keep reading.

Of course, the fact that the Mac OS X is more resistable to viruses than MS Windows is undeniable. One of the reasons is as follows: Apple computers have much smaller market share than PCs. Therefore, hackers see no advantage in creating a virus for 1 computer instead of 5, for instance. Do you get the point?

Besides, there is a signifficant difference between the Unix and MS Windows approaches to system security. Unix system architecture implies a layered approach. At the lowest level, which is closest to hardware, are basic interface modules (memory management, disk system management, data buffering, inter-process communication, etc). This layer is called Kernel. The second layer - the Shell - acts as an interface between the kernel and the user. This layer consists of user processes, which run the utility and application programs, and Unix commands. There is one more layer - the Programs. This feature of Unix includes a variety of small programs to meet various needs. Each of these programs does one thing and does it well, whereas the libraries component ensures communication between the kernel and the user operation.

Technical features of such system make it resistable to virus attacks (trojan, software bugs, encrypted viruses, etc.) as compared with the Windows DOS system, which is much more vulnerable to malicious software.

Regardless of the presented advantages of the Mac OS system, there is still nothing unbreakable. In fact any computer user faces a risk to have their sensitive personal information lost or stolen, no matter what OS they use. Explanation is quite simple. Every day we access the Internet by checking mailbox, involving social networks, reading some news, and downloading movies or music. This is a key reason why our personal data may be inappropriately used by hackers or other people. If today you feel absolutely safe when working on a Mac, it doesn't mean that tomorrow morning somebody won't design a virus program that will take advantage of unknown OS X vulnerabilities, and before dinner they will destroy the data on all Macs in the world that are connected to the Internet.

The point is that most malware works by using program mistakes of computer OS. Macs also have their share of mistakes; however, Apple does its best to prevent this by releasing regular updates.

Nevertheless, we should consider that malware pursues two goals: gathering personal information of computer users (passwords, credit card numbers, banking access, etc.) or creating a huge computer network to perform spam attacks on certain websites. In both cases such processes involve big money, and nobody can be sure that Macs will be able to avoid such attacks one day.

Naturally, the question arises: should we spend our money on a program to protect ourselves from something that vaguely exists? Any opinion should be considered. However, when purchasing an antivirus program, you have two benefits: 1) you'll prevent virus transfer from one user to another; 2) when a Mac gets a real virus, your computer will be able to stay safe.

There is a wide range of antivirus solutions in the world. Some are cheap, some are expensive, some have only the virus protection function, others include a bundle of additional useful tools at the same price. Anyway, one of them is noteworthy.

MacKeeper software, a well-known effective program that gained numerous users worldwide, offers great antivirus protection. It includes the safe browsing tool together with other 15 maintenance utilities, which would help to operate a Mac smoothly and safely. You can find more information on the official website https://mackeeper.com/
We hope that this article has shed some light on security approaches of various OS's and helped you to protect your private information from illegal use by third parties.