Amazon AWS Issue Takes Down the Internet

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01 / 03 / 2017

Amazon AWS Issue Takes Down the Internet

Many Internet users across the globe may notice that some websites are not loading or show the 404 page. The problem is not with the Internet provider or with the websites themselves, the real problem is with AWS (Amazon Web Services).

It’s still not clear what was the problem with the services. Furthermore, the problem still persists and partially affects the East Coast based websites. As Amazon says on its official Twitter account, “S3 is experiencing high error rates. We are working hard on recovering”.

AWS is Amazon cloud storage service that is popular with such large companies as Netflix, Adobe Systems, Airbnb, BMW, etc. MacKeeper also relies on AWS to keep operations running smoothly. But the number of small businesses that use AWS is hard to imagine.

You can check the latest fixes updates on the Amazon Service Health Dashboard.

However, many Internet users have found the services outage funny and gave advice to Amazon:

Hey @amazon, have you tried turning it off and on again?

— The Practical Dev (@ThePracticalDev) February 28, 2017