Top 10 Things That You Can Do with Spotlight

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14 / 07 / 2017

Top 10 Things That You Can Do with Spotlight

As a happy Mac owner, most likely you’ve already used a perfect search tool called Spotlight. You cannot even imagine the power of this small magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of your screen. In this article, we’ll shed the light on 10 things that you can do with Spotlight.

Open Any App Directly

If you don’t like to search for a certain app in the Applications folder or look for it in the Launchpad, there’s a much easier way to run it. Use the Crtl-Space key combination to show Spotlight search and type in several letters of the name of the app that you want to open. Hit the Return key, and that’s it. 

Look for Certain File or Folder

Imagine the situation when you desperately need to access a specific file or folder, but don’t remember its exact location. In this case Spotlight works like a magic wand. Use the same Ctrl-Space combination and enter the name of the folder or file that you’re looking for. 

Search for a Specific Kind of File

If you have several types of files with the same name or need to find a document containing a specific word, Spotlight offers different powerful search filters. How to do this? It’s as easy as a pie. Use the magic command “kind:” and enter the type of the file that you’re looking for. For example, if you’re searching for a picture, enter “kind:image” and check the list. 


Spotlight can do quick calculations for you. If you need to add, subtract, multiply, or divide, you can use the Spotlight window for that purpose. Let’s say I want to get 3 brand new $99 Magic keyboards with 25 percent discount. How much will it cost me? 

Spotlight Currency Conversions

Spotlight can convert currency for you. If you are planning a trip to Europe, Spotlight can show the current exchange rate. Let’s say that you want to spend 1,000 dollars in France. Type in the amount and enjoy the result in the same window. 

Measurement Conversions

If you’re going to spend your vacation abroad, it’s good to know the speed limits, weather forecast, and measurement units there. Spotlight can convert mph to km, Celsius scale to Fahrenheit, etc. 

Find the File Path

You want to know the exact location of the file that you’re searching for? Spotlight will do this trick for you. Type in the name of the file that you’re looking for and select it from the drop-down list. Then hold down the Command key to see the path.

Term Definition

A quick and easy tip for you: type in a word and use the Command-L keyboard combination to see the definition of the search word. 

Search for Keyword in Visited Websites

You can use Spotlight instead of a search tool in the browser window. Type in the name of the website or a word that you’re looking for. Spotlight indexes the bookmarks of the recently visited websites from the main macOS browser.  

See Your Contacts in Spotlight

Spotlight allows you to see your contacts list. Open the Contacts app, search for a contact that you need, and hit Edit at the top of your screen. Then Choose “Spotlight” from the drop-down list and get access to the needed contact in the Spotlight window.