Make Your Life Easier: Top 10 Mac Apps

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23 / 10 / 2017

Make Your Life Easier: Top 10 Mac Apps

The digital world allows us to do more, move faster, and think globally. Can you imagine your day without a computer? You’d probably feel like you were living in a vacuum, wouldn’t you? Here’s the list of the most useful apps to make the life of a macOS user easier. We picked the ten most searched and highly rated Mac apps. What’s more, we’ve tried all of these apps and are certain you won’t regret installing any of them. Here we go!

1. Keep your Mac awake with Amphetamine.

Did you know Macs also need some energizing? Amphetamine, a small and simple app, is the way out if your Mac goes to sleep when you least expect it. If you find it annoying, just click the Amphetamine icon on the right side of the menu bar. Now your laptop won’t enter the sleep mode. Amphetamine is extremely handy for reading a book or a long article or for when you don’t touch the keyboard or mouse for a long period of time. Price: free.

2. Clean your Mac with MacKeeper.

Cleaning, security, optimization, protection – MacKeeper offers whatever your Mac may need. It also features a personal geek assistant, who’ll help with Mac-related problems ASAP. This utility is easy to install and activate. It has 18 great Mac tools on board, including Duplicates Finder, Smart Uninstaller, Files Recovery, Data Encryptor, and many others. These features will set you free from routine manual maintenance. In addition, you can use this app instead of Amphetamine, as MacKeeper also can keep your Mac awake with a Sleep Mode tool. Price: starting from $6 per month.  

3. Try a new shopping approach with Parcel.

Can you imagine your life without shopping on the internet? Online shopping has become a part of everyday life as have delivery services. The Parcel app is perfect for anyone who’s expecting a package. Parcel supports the most popular delivery services like UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc., and offers the option to track the entire delivery process, from ordering to receiving your package. It’s a handy app, isn’t it? Price: free.

4. Never miss anything interesting with Pocket.

We often search for one thing and discover another. Many interesting articles, links, webpages, and videos are left neglected. They won’t be with the Pocket app that lets you save these for later viewing. This app allows offline access as well as sharing with friends. You can “pocket” an important article when stuck in line at the supermarket and read it leisurely while sipping a cup of tea at home. Isn’t that wonderful? Price: the basic version is free, the ad-free Premium version is $45 per year.

5. Protect your eyesight with f.lux.

No more complaining about poor sleep after a late night of surfing in front of the blue screen. The f.lux app is the solution. This small but powerful utility adjusts the color of your display to mimic ambient light. Studies confirm that a bright computer screen affects the melatonin levels in your brain and can prevent you from falling asleep. If you’re running macOS Sierra 10.12.14 or higher, you can enable the built-in Night Shift mode (the special blue light filter). Otherwise, the f.lux app is a must-have app for your Mac. Price: free.

6. Keep all your chats in one place with Adium.

Adium is a multi-protocol messenger that unifies all of your accounts into one simple application. It works with AIM, MSN, Facebook, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Twitter, and other messaging services that can be added during setup. Adium is an irreplaceable app for those who use many platforms to socialize or use separate chats for work, friends, or family. No more trying to remember which messenger stores the contact info of your old school friend. Just open Adium and stay in touch. Price: free.

7. Never lose access to your accounts with 1Password.

This incredible app is a lifesaver for those who hate remembering long password combinations. 1Password is a special password manager that secures passwords in a fully-encrypted vault, accessible by a master password. The app provides anti-phishing protection, offers form autofill, and automatically generates strong passwords. So your confidential information – including passwords,  personal documents, and credit cards – is kept safe using strong encryption. Price: starting from $3 per month.

8. Need a reminder? Try Fantastical.

This is an advanced calendar app that lets you create your own events. Besides a cool reminder option, Fantastical also automatically recognizes your event’s location and can invite people from your Contacts to the event.  Although not inexpensive, many users find the app extremely handy. To create an event, just type in a simple description and Fantastical will schedule it with a reminder. In addition, you’ll be impressed with the app’s interface and its multitasking. Price: $50.

9. Share to-do lists across different devices with Wunderlist.

This is an amazing task management tool that allows you to sync your to-do lists across multiple devices. We often switch between the phone, tablet, and computer to manage our to-do list during the day. With Wunderlist, it’s no longer a problem. You can create lists with customized due dates, reminders, and everything else to stay on schedule. The app also allows you to create collaborative lists, sync your content across devices, and save webpages and other content for later viewing, just like the Pocket app does. Wunderlist is available on all major platforms, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, Web, Android, and Windows PC.  Price: basic version is free.

10. Unpack any file on your Mac with Unarchiver.

This app can unpack different document types on your Mac: Zip, Tar-GZip, Tar-BZip2, Rar, 7-zip, LhA, StuffIt, and many other archiving formats. The software doesn’t require opening a separate application, so you can access your files with a simple click in Finder. Fans of Unarchiver are impressed with the app's useful preference options and its friendly interface. Price: free.

This is our comprehensive list of the most helpful Mac apps. If you install at least half of them, we believe your life will be much easier. What app would you try first? Share in the Comments section!