Top 10 Siri Commands

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08 / 11 / 2017

Top 10 Siri Commands

Apple users are all familiar with Siri, one of the best personal assistants. Now Siri’s voice sounds more natural, expressive, and less robotic. What are your favorite uses for Siri? We’ve made a list of 10 things you didn’t know Siri can do for you.

#1 Calculate and split tip

Siri is a math whiz, so you can use it as a quick calculator. Imagine that you’re on vacation, sitting at the lovely restaurant, and ready to pay the bill. To calculate the tip for waitress just ask Siri what’s the 20% tip on the total bill sum.

Eating out with your family or friends? Siri will help you to split the bill for several people. Ask this and you’ll see the total sum for each person including tips.

#2 Get a weather forecast

If you are planning a weekend outdoors, ask Siri to check the weather report. Just say, “Siri, what’s the weather forecast for this weekend.” Sunny? Great, start packing your picnic basket!

#3 Set alarms or timers

You can use Siri to set alarms for you. It’s simple: say, “Hey Siri, I want to take a nap. Wake me up in 30 minutes” or “Siri, wake me up on weekdays at 8 am.” Siri can also help you to clear all the alarms, but make sure you don’t oversleep.

#4 Launch apps

A time-saving tip: when you can’t find the app you need in the hundreds of others on your device, ask Siri to run it. Say “Siri, launch (the name of the app).” Magic!

#5 Call you by any name

Did you know Siri can call you whatever you want? To have Siri call you something other than your name, update your nickname. For example, if you set Siri to call you “Master”, you’ll hear this every time you ask Siri about anything. Also, note that nickname information is recorded into your contact card. So in case you share it with someone else, your new “Master” nickname is visible for others. Choose wisely.

#6 Send location-based reminders

If your Location Services are enabled, you can ask Siri to schedule a reminder. Let’s say you’re expecting an important mail from the potential business partner. Just ask, “Hey Siri, remind me to check email when I get home.” You’ll be notified to check your inbox right when you’re close to your house. You can also use Siri as your personal shopping list assistant. Ask “Siri, remind me when I leave here to stop by the grocery store and get some sweets for children.” Easy, right?

#7 Convert distance or currency

Travelling to Europe and checking how far is the destination point? Get ready to see the road signs with the distance in kilometers. The great news is that Siri can easily convert it to miles, say, “Siri, what’s 200 km in miles?”

#8 Send text messages by voice

Never text while driving, you’d better use a personal assistant on your iPhone. Good thing Siri supports voice texting, allowing you to chat in messengers, send emails, and check voicemails. Say, “Siri, send a text message to John” or “Siri, follow MacKeeper on Facebook.” That’s it!

#9 Estimate drive time

If you travel a lot and use Google Maps or the iOS Maps app for navigation, ask Siri about the approximate time of arrival to your destination point. How to do this? Just ask, “Siri, what’s my ETA?”, which stands for the estimated time of arrival. In a few seconds you’ll see how long will it take to get to the destination point.

#10 Call people

When you are driving, your eyes should never leave the road. Use Siri to call people by simply telling it whom to call. Just say, “Hey Siri. Call Mom with a speaker.” And yes, don’t forget to say “with a speaker” at the end.

This is our own list of top ten things Siri can do. What’s your favorite Siri’s trick? Feel free to share in comments and stay tuned for latest blog updates.