Type Faster Using macOS Text Replacement
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Type Faster Using macOS Text Replacement

Get started by opening System Preferences from the Apple menu or from your Dock and click on the Keyboard icon.

Choose the Text tab and you’ll see your word replacement list or an empty list if you haven’t created any yet.

There are two columns in the window: Replace and With. The left-hand side Replace column contains the abbreviated text you want to expand. The right-hand side With column contains the expanded text, phrases, or symbols.Whenever you type in one of your abbreviations, macOS will automatically insert the corresponding replacement.

To add a replacement text, click the Plus/+ sign under the left column or double-click the first available cell and a cursor appears. Abbreviated texts are listed alphabetically in the Replace column. In addition, you can also choose to use smart quotes and dashes.

Important: Create an abbreviation that is not an actual word; otherwise, every time you type that word, it will expand with your replacement. Instead, you can use the first letters of the phrase, or use a symbol in the abbreviation. For example, “twimc” or “&concern” for “To Whom It May Concern.” Now, all you need to do is to type your abbreviated text – in any application – and enter a space. Your replacement text will magically appear!

If you have words or phrases that you use often, text replacement is a great tool to save some time. Tip: text replacement is a great way to correct your most frequent typos: just setup an abbreviated text and automatically replace the typo with the correctly spelled word or phrase.

Text replacement can boost your productivity by automating the replacement of certain words or phrases you use often as well as auto-correcting typos.Isn’t it about time you tried this cool macOS feature? Type faster and stay tuned for the latest blog updates!

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