Update Flash Player on Your Mac and Avoid Malware

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14 / 12 / 2017

Update Flash Player on Your Mac and Avoid Malware

How often do you see a message saying to update your Flash Player? Don’t believe everything you see online, most Flash alerts are fake. Be careful so that you don’t inadvertently install malware instead of an update. Check out a quick guide on how to safely update Flash player and avoid being infected.

What’s Flash Player and why you need it

Adobe Flash Player is a software required to view multimedia in your browser or in certain apps. Flash allows the browser to play videos, gif animations, online games, etc. This way Flash Player helps display the website as we know it.

For many years Flash Player has been the only solution to play content on the web. Now, most websites switched to a faster and safer HTML5 player, but some of them still require Flash Player to display multimedia.

Why you should be careful when updating Flash Player

Adobe developers are working day and night to improve the security level of their software by releasing regular Flash Player updates. If you use Flash Player, you should’ve seen update notifications at least once. However, some malware pieces often disguise themselves as Flash Player alerts, trying to fool users into installing malware hijack that looks pretty much like a legitimate update. The good news is installing the real update on your Mac is quite easy.

How to update Flash Player if it’s already installed

There’s no need to download anything in case you already have Flash Player installed on your Mac. Simply go to your Mac’s settings and update Flash Player in a right way.

1. Click  and open System Preferences.

2. Select Flash Player at the bottom of the list.

3. Select the Updates tab in the Flash Player window.

4. Click Check Now and Flash Player will start checking for available updates. If there are any, click Yes to install them. If there are no available updates, congratulations – you’re running the latest version of Flash Player.

How to install Flash Player safely

If you find your Mac needs Flash Player for some reason, follow these steps to install it safely.

1. Visit the official Flash Player website. You’ll see the following:

2. Click Install now button. The file with the .dmg extension will go to your Downloads folder.

3. Open your Downloads folder and find the .dmg installer named Adobe Flash Player.

4. Now, double-click the installer. You’ll see a short message, and we recommend reading it carefully even though you downloaded this file from the official website. Next, click Open.

5. Agree to the terms and conditions and click the Install button. 
6. Enter your username and password if needed and click Install Helper
7. Checkmark Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended) and click Done
After you install Flash Player, you may need to relaunch your web browser. 

That’s it. Next time you see a Flash Player update message, avoid a hasty decision and don’t click it. Use this guide to update your Flash Player safely and avoid the chance of infecting your Mac.