Make Valentine’s Day special for your loved one and their Mac

Make Valentine’s Day special for your loved one and their Mac

It's Valentine's Day and we're celebrating with tips on how to show your significant other some love — the Mac way.

Tip #1: Set the mood with some romantic wallpaper

Whether you're rocking the built-in High Sierra wallpaper or something cool you found online, you can have a little fun around Valentine's Day by mixing things up. Set the mood by adding a little romance to your desktop background. You could use a pic of the two of you in a romantic setting, or a shot of the restaurant where you had your first date. To change your wallpaper, right-click on your desktop and select Change Desktop Background.



Tip #2. Clean up your loved one’s Mac
Who says you need to show your love with a sparkly diamond? Your honey will appreciate a shiny Mac just as much. It’s not just about cleaning all that clutter off the desktop or wiping that coffee stain off the MacBook lid. It’s about digging deep with powerful Mac cleaning tools. MacKeeper does a great job of eliminating junk files.

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Tip #3. Help MacBook stay charged

Over time, a MacBook’s battery can lose some of its power and require more frequent charging. But there’s a way to get more out of your battery. Chargeberry is a free app, available on the App Store, that monitors a MacBook’s battery activity. A healthier battery. A happier Mac user. What’s not to love?

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Tip #4. Add some extra protection

Macs aren’t immune to online threats. That’s why we recommend anti-malware protection, available right now during the MacKeeper Sweet Sale with extra savings.

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Tip #5. Add a beautiful case

Macs are beautiful inside and out. But you can take things to the next level with a gorgeous case. From shells that snap onto the MacBook to stunning carrying cases, there’s no shortage of options available online.


Tip #6. Make Mac a thief’s worst nightmare

While you were busy stealing your honey’s heart, thieves were plotting their next Mac theft. That’s why we recommend adding anti-theft protection. You can use Track My Mac to lock your Mac and track it if it’s ever lost or stolen. The innovative app will even snap a pic of the thief. You’ll love it — but the bad guys won’t.

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We hope you found these tips helpful. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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